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The Great Pacific Northwest
Goth-hippy-punk Knitter, Trekker/Whovian geek chick. And proud of it!
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I've always had pretty good luck when the DM rolls for treasure.
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The interesting thing is that there have been forays into interactive movies, where the audience gets to decide on plot directions via a remote control voting system. With the way RPG's are going the narrative storytelling is making those interactive movies pointless. Coupled with the advances in CG technology before we know it RPG's will look and feel like we're creating our own live action movies right in our own homes. We won't need to go out to a theater to be a part of the storytelling. Meanwhile, we don't have to worry about the TV and film industry going the way of the Dodo. Watching films will be the form of relaxing entertainment that it was always meant to be, only on a more profound level for gamers. Movies and TV will be a necessary veg break from our collaborative, creative gaming.
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This brought up some great gaming memories. Wow! I can't believe I remembered some of these. My boyfriend and I had a blast naming the games, and groaning over the ones we forgot. Thanks for posting the link, Wil. Kudos, dude!
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What a wonderful birthday present. Fantastic! Have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow.
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