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Hey Axisa great job blatantly plagiarizing Rob Neyer. I didn't know that when Tim hires writers that he actually hires plagiarists. Rob Neyer quote verbatim, "Jack Zduriencik, I mean. The Mariners, at little or no additional financial expense, have traded for a player who might be quite useful for a player who almost certainly will not be useful." Axisa, "Zduriencik may have pulled off his greatest move today, when he turned the awful Carlos Silva into the potentially useful Milton Bradley." Way to be unoriginal Mike. I understand writing isn't your forte but at least put some effort into it.
"He'll probably need all of April in the minors, meaning the Braves could retain Proctor for 2011 as an arbitration-eligible player if he has a successful '09 campaign." ---'10
Again offering conjecture when the article doesn't call for it, Axisa. Let the quote stand for itself.
It goes great. I'm complaining about one writer who writes poorly & what is it he provides for me?
"And honestly, if the only thing everyone can find wrong with this article is a joke at the end, well, then doesnt that mean it was a well written article???" Listen bandwagon fan, it wasn't the only thing wrong with the posting. He completely overstated what was said in the original article. So much so that he had to go back & correct himself, because he took a little poetic license which he is wont to do & is fine on his site but not here. "Does that mean you don't read the NY Post either? Sherman is not very kind in about 95% of his articles regarding the Yanks and he focuses on them." No, I don't read the Post because it's a rag, but the point is that Sherman writes for a NY audience. This is supposed to be about as unbiased a site as you can get. Tim does not show his bias towards the Cubs unless he is asked about them in the chats. Mike, while maybe a great guy & perfect for his site, does not fit the make-up of unbiased writer on this site. He tries too hard to be funny like the fat kid at lunch that can snort milk through his nose. That's Mike.
"Instead of worrying about "firing" the bad writers, this site would do much better to block tools from making stupid comments." Read a post by Ben, Tim, Brian...any of them, besides Mike. He is the weak link on a staff of good writers & he's wholly biased towards the Yankees & it influences his writing. Tim is too nice of a guy to get rid of Mike, but he should for the sake of the site. Wanna be funny, Mike? Go on the comedy circuit. This is a site about baseball not your moronic attempts at humor.
You're not funny. Stop trying to be. Will someone please fire this guy. he is awful at writing & worse at trying, TRYING to be funny.
I think this is a bad move for the Sox to make. Why let him go? Those 92 abs are such a small sample size. Why not let him finish the season, bring him back next year & see what can be done. Essentially what this trade turned out to be was Lugo for a ptbnl or cash, but the Sox are playing his whole salary. No patience. Ridiculous.
The guy signs the number one player maybe ever in the draft for considerably cheaper than most people thought he'd so for. Weren't there people who thought he'd go for something like $30 million? He did a great job in DC & is getting the shaft for DiPoto? Stupid.
Wow getting a little repetitive? This is why there are too many writers on this site. Eddie beat you to this scoop yesterday. It'd be advantageous for you to read the site you write for, genius.
A bit touchy Mike? Deleting my comments to save your ass? The only thing that will save you is if you learn how to write.
He's nuts the Marlins already turned down a Francoeur for Cody Ross trade. Why would they trade Hermida who they can actually get something good for? Francoeur is gonna end being released.
Feel free to blame me if you will. I'm not voting for him. He's on a bad team. He'll get in cause every team needs a representative, but he doesn't deserve to be a starter anymore than Matt Kemp who I'll vote for instead
While the interview was solid Tim, it seems highly unethical for you to use this platform to lobby for players. He's having a decent year, but not better than Ibanez, Dunn, Soriano or Matt Kemp. By your rationale do you think then that brad hawpe should go or the aforementioned Kemp since their numbers are so similar? Come on Tim keep it impartial. You're not a fan you're a reporter.