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Good God, Wil, may I call you Wil, you so excellent articulate this mid-late-thirties thing we've all found ourselves in. We found the best video games in the strip of games just inside Best, Kmart, and Gibson's. Or at the Mr. Gatti's pizza joint gameroom. I still get a thrill playing Tempest and, oddly, the Popeye video game. I had Aladdin's Castle at the Wichita Falls Sikes Senter Mall (see what they did there with the clever name?) as the glorious epicenter of video games as well as a few places near my dad's in Dallas. I've lurked your site(s) for a while and have your books. You've grown so much as a writer! (like you need some comment from some dude on the internet to tell you that, but you have and it's awesome (yes, the only word to come from 80s teen slang un-stupidified)).
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