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Rob- Good thing you're not in this guy's Dartmouth class. He's flunk you! The fact is, it is news that Obama's poll ratings are falling. Just because Nyhan says that is not news to him, doesn't mean it is not news to other people. Nyhan neglected to mention that Republicans typically run into a strong headwind of media attack from the get-go, like Bush. Obama, on the other hand, has benefited from the media lap-dogs. So when a guy who has a strong media shield, who has been lauded as a type of new messiah, stumbles, that is news! I doubt this Nyhan guy was writing six months ago that something like 38% of voter would "strongly disapprove" of Obama by mid July, 2009. No one expected that! So the news is that the incompetent fool who had millions literally worshiping him would stumble so badly and make so many mistakes in such a short period of time. We can only hope he's another Carter and we'll be rid of him soon enough. Yeah, I want him to fail, but hey, he's doing that without any help or push from my side!
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