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Jerzee Tomato
None of your damn business
Always imitated by never equalled
Interests: Laughing my @ss off at drunken has beens and Shopping Maine to Florida
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CF is kitchy. It is trendy and eye candy and their cheesecake sucks. It is waxy and full of junk so it stays pretty when frozen. Having said this I love their limoncello torte. I now make it but if I am there I always get a slice of that which is not their cheesecake. I also love the bar at CF usually staffed with great people who actually understand what a bartender is and what a bartender should do. My fav CF is Raleigh NC. The bartenders there are awesome. The food at CF is what it should be no more no less. Get a nice mixed drink and try the Limoncello torte then go home and make the drink and the torte. Salmon I can eat anyplace.
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