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Agreed, Ben Foster is horrible... "wait, let me get this ball way over on a silver platter for my left foot... wait for it... oh' hello Mr Tevez, Mr Drogba, Mr Van Persie- didn't see you coming from 20 yards away!" What is this a rec league? Not like his clearances are that accurate anyway...
Actually all the 'controversy' is just Hughes' sour grapes. The Belamy scored his equalizer in the 90th minute, and City's celebration is what did them in. The official indicated 4 minutes stoppage, but City celebrated for an entire minute, so add one. Then Carrick's substitution calls for a mandated :30 off added time that occured in stoppage. Hence just over 5:30. Owens' goal came just before +5:30. The official was 'spot on'. This game though could have easily been 7-1 as Belamy's long blast was City's only real goal not created by a Man Utd turnover and United could have had 3 more (SBI-Mark Hughes is hardly the only person questioning the stoppage time. I happen to agree that the stoppage time was explainable, and nothing outrageous, but there are definitely folks outside of Man City people who are upset about it.)
LOL! Heath Pearce has never played for a German National team!
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2009 on Heath Pearce lands in Turkey at Soccer By Ives
This is good, he'll get playing time against some better talent than the Swedish league while not getting burnt out in a day at some level where he may not be quite ready to play at. I hope the deal is only for a year or two, play him and then we'll see- either way its a win win for him, club and country.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2009 on Report: Davies headed to Sochaux at Soccer By Ives
This will be the first of a few transfers I'm sure for the yanks. But this will likely be the highest in profile of course. Not since Damarcus Beasley when he played for PSV has an American stood such a good chance of reaching deep into the rounds of the champions league. I hope AC Milan can continue to re-build. I think Gooch will look good in a Ferrari, he's-a de-best! Ciao!
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2009 on Onyewu signs with AC Milan at Soccer By Ives
There are only three guys on the US team that have proven they can play agaist the best talent in the world consistently AND beat that talent. Onyewu is one of them. The key there is ability to excel in the big time, when it counts, do you just boot the ball as hard as you can or do you make good decisions, when your legs get tired do you drift behind the attacker or do you put your head in there and break it up? Gooch should go to a TOP TEAM (champions league) but the trick is who will play him everyday? The question of IF he should go is answered, the only question left is where?
I thought Beckerman did very well and made smart decisions/tackles in CM, though it tough to take-away anything too analytical with the last result... Would be nice to see the Feilhaber/Beckerman combo, but the Hondurans will be very motivated to beat us (after the recent world cup qualifier). The more experience against Honduras the better. Personally I'd like to see Adu use his abilities up front with Davies more than Ching.