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okay, just had to comment on this one! i work for a doctor's office. most of our patients are 50+. for some reason, we get two copies of highlights every other month. i put one out in the waiting room untouched. the other copy.... that one becomes mine to do the hidden pictures! =) and yes, i do them in pen, and sometimes on a slow day i will also color in the pictures with multiple colors of highlighter. three years ago, i was doing this very dilligently at my desk, with my manager looking at me like i was crazy. i explained to her how i was -really- stuck on this one picture and handed it over to her. the two of us spent at least three hours trying to find it before eventually giving up and going back to our "jobs". some of those things really are hidden for only kids to find! (btw, i was 25 at the time and my boss was 59)
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