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I've had to work hard at my trade and profession (press photographer), although I prefer to think of it as a vocation. It saddening to see this kind of short cut, taken by the photographer, or whomever edited his pictures. It diminishes the whole trade. But then I'm not a big fan of HDR photos either.... Not that Landscape photography is journalism, but the lines are getting blurred all over the place. Funnily, it seemed to me a little HDR was going on in this picture too, but what do I know. I know less and less each year, I'm sure about that at least. I know of fellow photographers who have used Photoshop tools to improve pictures. Sadly for them, the whispers follow them. I guess they are so wrapped up in their egos they don't actually see how they diminish the whole trade and themselves amongst their peers and the public. That is, until they are really caught out with something really blatant. It's a bit like sportmen and women being caught out doping themselves. I'm sure the art world finds all this funny.
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