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QRich offense suffered in the process. These are the little things, the intangible ones, that cannot be reflected on the stat sheets. Posted by: williams46 | November 13, 2009 at 09:23 AM Good point! Shaq´s knee in Q´s chest had Q writhing in pain. Hard to make shots and defend when your chest is caved in by a knee from a 325 pound Shaq. That definitely had an impact among other things.
Scott took the Nets to the Finals twice. Yes, the Nets. He is a good coach.
It seems that the Jazz (like Spurs) are one of those teams with a good system that gets wins and gets the best out of all players...of course D-Will helps a lot there too. B-EZ may do better in that system. Beasley, though improving, often seems lost in the Heat system. He is getting more comfortable though and that is crucial to playing well and making plays and shots. That is a coaches and teams job or should be there objective to get the best out their players. Synergy.
Coach Scott will get the best players on the court. He will expect results rather than coddling any player, even a star. The players will respect that and be motivated or get gone. We need a spirited team to win a championshi`, let alone a dynasty; regardless of talent (within reason).
Scott is a great coach. He will benefit any team. I truly like Spo. But, I would rather have Scott. He seems to be better able to hold players accountable and commands respect. He can get the best out of a team and he can get the respect of proven vets and superstars. We may have two starts on our team next year along with other additions;very likely. Pat, give Byron a call.
We lost the game but gainned a Power Foward and a Center in the process. Ah! before we forget, we were the team missing players this time as Cook was not there yet and we reall,really needed Him. Posted by: just saying... | November 13, 2009 at 08:26 AM I like your positive outlook...and I agree. That was a great development game and a very mini rite of passage for B-EZ. The team showed confidence in B-ez and Beas did well and got comfortable. This could be a spring board for him and the Heat. JO also proved to all and himself that he can be very effective and dependable. Great season so far!
D-Will has expressed his unhappiness with the team's current status. Why not offer something like 2 first round picks, Beasley, Chalmers and Jones for Deron Williams? Posted by: eddieomaha | November 13, 2009 at 08:27 AM Fun speculation: It would be great to have question. The league is getting stronger in PG´s. But, CP3, D-Will and Nash are all masterful. The Heat need another excellent passer and scorer. It would bring synergy. Not sure if I would want to part with 2 picks, B-EZ & Chalmers. I would reluctantly make that deal but only give up one Pick. Then we could use the other draft picks to trade for better personnel or actually draft some real talent (gamble)
I'm sorry, you don't trade a f-cking Chris Paul. He's on his second contract in this league and his annual salary is very small compared to what he's actually worth to a team. You don't trade young top 5 players. If you do that you might as well get rid of your franchise. Posted by: Chris | November 13, 2009 at 08:23 AM I agree. But, we do not know the current short term objectives of the franchise. They traded their Center even though it compromised their team chemistry for a trade that was a wash. I am just saying CP3 is more available now. He may even want to be traded. He love for New Orleans is obvious but coach Byron Scott was a BIG part of that world for CP3. We will see.
Good point by the Miami Herald: Chalmers did not put any pressure on the opposing PG´s, at all. If you play B-ball, you know what a benefit it is when the man you´re covering is not involved offensively. It is like a break. You can double team others and offense you are ready to explode and hit open shots from everywhere. If Chalmers cannot guard another PG (which often is the case), The Coach should try to put offensive pressure on the opposing PG to tire him out and put him in foul trouble. Then He can be contained more easily...may even put some points on the board. Many opposing points are a little weak on man to man cover.
OFF TOPIC: Now that Hornets coach,Byron Scott, is not a part of that team anymore, Chris Paul is much closer to being in play. Would be great to have a great PG on our team. Then we would have to focus on best talent in 2010 free agency or fortifying the Center position and looking for real players at the 3 & 4 to get us to be a championship team. We will see
More time for Arroyo would have been good especially, since he does not seem to get rattled under pressure and makes his shots. But, he probably would not have been enough. Beasly did good (B-) and will grow from this, we hope. But, I wish he would have taken it as a challenge to dominate, especially against Hickson (no offense)
The Heat really suffer when they cannot contain the opposing teams faster, quicker PG´s and even more so when that same PG is locked on target from long range. Then Hicksons hustle was a big help for the Cavs also.
Hopefully, Arroyo´s skills & desire do not vanish with the Heat curse. I am starting to think that the coaching maybe a problem. It seems that our players do not exhibit inspired play. I like our coaches, personally. Big part of coaches job is to get the best out of each player nurture Team Synergy. This has not been seen, yet.
Besides Wade & B-EZ, who else is really a good/respectable NBA player. JJ, Haslem, Chalmers & QRich are all sound Backups, at best. I am glad to have Arroyo on the squad. Finally a legit NBA PG (starting caliber, to be seen).
There is potential with Arroyo playin with Wade. Arroyo has a lot to fight for and he is a fighter. He is taking a huge risk and is already losing millions on this. Impressive. He played very well for PR against USA. He is Better than Chalmers, at this point. Getting any NBA respected player will help this team.
Question: How can we see this game? Please, send link or info. Thanks
Kinda sucks that preseason is not televised. If you have any 411 on seeing these games, please, share the info. Thanks
12 wins, 8 losses
Beasley must also focus on moving without the ball like Moon did last year. That would be dynamite. Last year he had some nice blocks, steals, ally-oops. The potential is there for a very good year. I Look forward to watching
The only question I have for Beas this season is ¨Will he have the desire to excel and silence the critics and win¨. He has the talent. He played very well @ the end of last & playoffs. Yes, he missed some defensive assignments. When he sharpens focus and minimizes those mistakes he is going to surprise a lot of people. Minutes per game 24.8 FG percentage 0.472 3PT percentage 0.407 Rebounds per 24min 5.4 Points per 24 minutes 13.9
Then again, Q may be used as a SG. Might be nice with Wade at PG, Q @ SG, JJ @ SF, B-EZ @ PF and J Oneal @ Center. Then we still have fire power & hustle off the bench with Chalmers, Cook, Udonis, Joel Anthony, Magloire, Kuba and Quinny. Just thinkin outside the box. Of course Chalmers will start with Wade at the SG.
Re: Beasley position on the team. The SF seems to be un pretty good shape. With Q & J Jones being sound and possibly very good SF´s, maybe it is best that BEZ stay at PF with UD. Minutes are more important than starting. But, B-EZ should start. UD will be inject experience, hustle, good off the ball play from the bench.
FYI - Beasely doing well in Rehab.
yeah like the organization never spent top dollars to put talent around like *shaq. anyways i understand what the organization is doing even though i may not agree. if spending x amount of dollars does not guarantee us to be better then why spend the cash? Posted by: hotleo20 | September 08, 2009 at 12:29 PM I hear you. Just venting. But, we all know we need someone else who can get the rim, pass, sell tickets, inspire, lead & teach our young players in game & practice [yes practice :)]and help to preserve Wade for 4th Quarter Heroics and playoffs. All good though. I won't miss a game.
I do believe that the improvements of J.Oneal, Chalmers, B-EZ, JJ, D Wright will make an impact and make it a fun season. But, we could have had Iverson on the cheap. This would have been better b-ball, preserve Wade, get more inspired play from Chalmers and more. So, I am definitely disappointed about that. All good. Just venting. Peace