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mike d
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i think i would trade beasley and james jones or some piece if we got s. jackson and anthony randolph.
i would not trade any future first round picks for a 1 yr rental of a PG
chad ford posted a new insider story about teams that can sign wade or lebron can someone please post here if your an insider
i think the biggest pro to signing iverson would be the ability to reduce wade's minutes and still have a competitive team, if our real team is going to come in 2010 i dont want in any way to wear wade down this next year
ok so if joe johnson sings an extension now the 2010 free agent pool is decreasing by the day.
The last time we were big free agent money spenders we signed Eddie Jones and Brian Grant to max contracts, im starting to worry that our 2010 is going to look more like a repeat of that.
where are the clips of summer camp? i dont see them on
im ok with signing odom for the midlevel five years, but if we do a sign and trade and he is a $9-10 mil player at 35 then we are not getting any value. you just dont sign a 30 year old player for that much. which is why the lakers are not doing it.
if we are going to trade our expiring contracts for players i think a good partner would be golden state as they have alot of contracts and some they need to move, i would like to acquire stephen jackson from them for blount and filler or something. Jackson can shoot the 3 defend and handle the ball a little bit. any thoughts
ok the pacers waived jamal tinsley do we sign him for 1 yr as backup or we cant do anything until this odom thing plays out
bosh looks more and more done i did not realize below about jack signing The signing of Jarrett Jack, who was roommates with Bosh for his one season at Georgia Tech, could be as much an attempt to convince Bosh to stay in Toronto as it is to improve the team on the court, the Toronto Star reports.
this whole free agency is starting to remind me of when we signed mo williams to an offer sheet just to have it matched and we end up with someone like smush parker. as we are waiting to get odom which sounds unlikely, other deals are happening, matt barnes, ramon session probably about to be signed, and im sure other teams are working on getting boozer, i dont see anything worth waiting for in 2010, bosh is out lebron is out, only amare left with his injury history do you sign him to a max deal
if moon is gone sign matt barnes to a one year offer
getting boozer makes most sense one year contract and then if nothing comes of 2010 he is already on roster if not go afer bosh
trading beas for boozer makes no sense then we still have haslem and have to bench him. it would need to be haslem and parts or picks for boozer and play beas at the 3