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Advocating for Laws based on "Evidence Based Research."
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I love this Youtube: ZORN REPLY -- The link is to Penn & Teller BS Season 7 Episode 5 Lie Detectors PART 2
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Aug 9, 2010
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Aug 9, 2010
Typical Mike Nifong mentality! Want to get elected,or put notches in your belt? Attack someone people hate, sex offenders.
Lets get to the real crux of the problem. It isn't so much the sex offenders as it is law makers passing laws without "Evidence based research." The Adam Walsh Amendment (AWA), was passed under "Suspension of Rules," which means "non-controversial" Now I ask you. HOW STUPID IS THAT? Law makers at both federal and state making laws without "Evidence Based Research!" Now, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee met March 10 this year and will be meeting again soon I hope to look at "Evidence Based Research." Why? Because the laws as they are written at both federal and state levels have many unintended consequences and are causing "MORE HARM THAN GOOD." A recent study that has not as yet been released: NEW STUDY: AWA (SORNA) Tier II & Tier III are less dangerous than Tier I Here: and HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE S REQUEST FOR INTERIM STUDY PROPOSAL Adam Walsh Amendment ( AWA). HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE(S) REQUEST FOR INTERIM STUDY PROPOSAL Community Safety – concerns regarding the implementation in Oklahoma of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act Here: This is an excellent read and every citizen of each state needs to read this and after doing so, WRITE EVERY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE BAT BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL LEVELS AND DEMAND THEY ONLY PASS LAWS THAT ARE "EVIDENCE BASED RESEARCH. Why? Because the laws as they are written "DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD." These laws are wasteing BILLIONS and BILLIONS of tax payers hard earned money and they PROTECT NO ONE! These laws are insane. They DON'T WORK
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