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Thanks for covering Bing. So many have been overly concerned with it and it's needless. That's not to say that when all is said and done and things settle things won't necessarily rank so well. But if people follow your advice and avoid the irresponsible approach and embrace the responsible approach it'll yield the right results. I do believe that for branding purposes Microsoft should let Bing's brand grow unassociated since they've had difficulties getting and keeping a consistently up to date search engine. I wouldn't want the name on it if I was there since I don't like tarnishing things or having the potential of that perception. You didn't touch upon it, but if the optimizing went towards their videos and photos by the nature of their platform those two are most likely viable given the differentiation of the video deliverability. That's the one feature that I actually like myself aside from the nice look of it. Great blog post thanks for the investment of time.
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