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Hey there! I love the tribute. Thought I'd add to the collection Patrick Stewart moment of my own. Two of my close friends and I had the awesome fortune to be in Stratford-upon-Avon during his run as "Claudius" in Hamlet this past October. The three of us were just wandering the streets of this incredibly beautiful town, just drinking it all in. We passed the Royal Shakespeare Company's construction site for the Swan and gawked at the awful picture of Mr. Stewart with a very bad hair piece and were giggling about it when noticed an attractive man with a noticeably bald head walking toward us talking on the cell phone--Patrick Stewart. We were stunned and I, for one, stood there slack-jawed as he strolled past us. ...And he noticed. He glanced at us, caught my gaping, and one of my companions blatantly walking into a post, grinned (as if to say, "I've still got it," and continued on with is conversation as he walked away. I had never truly been star-struck until that moment... it was awesome.
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