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Andrew Gatlin
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Wil that was a great story, but I was in no way prepared for how it would effect me. As I was listening to it I was overcome with a memory of standing in my grandaddy's workshop after he died. That was the place that I always associated with him; it always smelled like his pipe tobacco, even years after he stopped smoking. As I was listening to you tell your story, and my own memories were coming back, I could smell that smoke just like I was standing there again. This story has just wrecked me this morning. If I had known how much this story would get to me I would have never listened to it at work. I was fighting back tears the whole time. Thank you for sharing your memories and bringing back mine.
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Thanks for giving me a kick in the pants. Started working on my dormant short-story collection again. Planning to put it out via Lulu after seeing what a great experience you've had.
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Nov 19, 2009
This NEEDS to come to Huntsville, AL. There is such a concentrated population of geeks here. I mean we've got NASA/Space Camp for cripes sake!
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Nthing a wide release. I have loved everything you have written that I can get my hands on.
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Not that this has anything directly to do with this post, but when do the new PA/PvP/Wheaton D&D podcasts start?
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