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So sorry about your Grandmother. I know how you feel..I just lost my Grandfather on Thursday and he was buried today. It's comforting knowing that he's with my Grandmother now and watching over the family. I'll miss him dearly.....Think of all the good memories. It'll help getting you through the rough times...(((hugs)))
An absolute sweetheart....worked with him in a few conventions.Lovely guy and so sweet and funny as hell....
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NEW YORK - APRIL 09: Actor Zachary Quinto attends the Gen Art Film Festival screening of 'Elektra Luxx' at the School of Visual Arts Theater on April 9, 2010 in New York City. very nice....Zach always looks good with his glasses on and love the vest.
Apr 9, 2010
This is a beautiful photo of the haircut too. The cardigan really pops too with the brilliant blue. Photographer gets an A+++.
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Hmm have to say I'm not overly impressed. Seems like alot of censorship to me. It's a sad thing cuz this community is getting a bad rep as "fangirl territory" and that's a big shame. There is another actor's board that is exactly like this one where fans call it the "mothership" and avoid it like the plague cuz the posters do what is done here...censor pap photos, monitor what is being said cuz they don't want to offend said actor, etc, etc. Actually now with all the censorship on that board,it's virtually a ghost board and only a few loyal posters post there anymore. I understand that this board is technically "owned" by ZQ and gang but just saying it's getting a bad rep. Fans shouldnt have to be afraid to post or say what they want in fear of offending Zach, his friends, or other fans. I don't believe that's what this community was meant to be about. Noone here sets out to offend anyone here and I personally thought the community was fine as it was without *the new rules*. Anyways, JMO...
Happy St Patty's Day to you too, Zach.... xo
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Personally I'd rather he not post much. Fan interaction with an actor can be blown out of proportion and if fans expect him to post and he doesn't, it could get ugly. The guy has little time to himself and if he feels like posting anywhere in his free time, then that would be his perogative. I don't expect it nor do I feel the need to have that type of connection with him.
"Quinto's reputation has already clearly taken a hit. This is what so many people point out has ruined American public life in politics it is called 'the when did you stop beating your wife' affect." Why would his reputation take a hit over something so trivial? I think fans are way too sensitive and taking this too seriously when it's not. It's a known practice. Perhaps that is why there are no denials cuz the whole discussion has taken a turn towards crazy(LOL) and anything the guy says could be misconstrued and twisted. Everyone already has their own opinion on the matter. If he honestly decided to say something on the matter, would it really change your opinion of him? *shrugs*
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I'm kinda confused here people. I read what was said on JJ and I didnt take that as a "hater's" remark nor did I take it as the person stating it as FACT. The poster's remark was pretty neutral to me like he/she was an outside observer. He said that Zach MAY have been one of those actors who has PR setting things up not that he actually does it. People are blowing the comment out of proportion and making a mountain out of a molehill. I happen to agree with the poster. Working closely in the industry, you see and hear alot of things that most fans don't get the opportunity to. Alot all actors/actresses follow this practice to police which locations they are photographed at (tho I'm not saying every single photo op is a setup). I'm not saying that Zach follows the practice. I don't know the guy nor do I pretend to know how he handles his career. Each actor is unique and has their own way of dealing with things in their career. People here really need to chill and take comments on the internet with a grain of salt and not take everything so seriously.
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Wow, great topic...first of all, PR reps do call in the paps IF they want some free publicity...the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" tactic. As to what Zach's PR rep does, we'll never know. I highly doubt Zach or any of "his people" would admit/deny it but it could be plausible that it has happened in the past. Just because it appears to that he's unaware that his photos are being taken doesn't mean he doesn't know. Does that make sense? LOL Zach is a hot item now and becoming popular in Hollywood. Of course he isn't of the same tier as Angelina or Brad but he's more popular the more he does with his career. People are noticing him and the more he does, the more the interest is going to grow. "Our boy" won't be ours anymore so to speak with the addition of new fans. As for studios scoping out internet sites, I hate to tell ya but they do. They hire firms who's main job is policing internet websites. I'm not saying that's their determining factor in hiring an actor but they need to know what's being said. I can't really explain in detail. But there are more things that go on behind the scenes that fans don't see or hear about.
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*sigh* whatever...please people do not allow the fuddy duddies to ruin your enjoyment. Thank you for the's a lovely one of him smiling....
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The guy has such a lovely frame....tall and lanky. It's good that he takes care of himself :-)
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Very nice:-) Thanks for posting.....
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I get to meet this guy next mom and sisters are going gaga over him cuz we are all going to signing he's doing in the area. *sigh* Have to deal with crazy Twilighters LOL
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"There's tons of places I can go for flame wars, for sex jokes and snarky comments about celebrities, with a tone of contempt, cynicism and the primary mode is sarcasm. Heaven forbid you express any honest enthusiasm or liking for someone or something, or you will be viciously mocked." For example IMdB....I try to stay away from that place as much as possible. I have 2 stalker fans over there who accused me of sleeping with the actor( and making wild claims that I stated this and that) whose board I used to frequent as I worked on set with him. Those people over there are insane and jealous as hell of anyone who has any contact with the object of their admiration and they tend to lash out at anyone. So it is nice to come to a place like this and be treated with respect even though we all have a difference of opinions. I enjoy diversity and meeting new people online so it is refreshing to come here.
It's all good...we can agree to disagree and that's fine by me. :-) But I do have to point out that this is a public forum...there are no passwords required to make it private or invite only. Anyone who googles Zach and comes across this board can come in anytime and view the content. That was what I meant by public. As for the website itself, yes it is owned/paid for by Zach but it is still open to the public, therefore it's a public site owned by the actor. Of course that could change in the future as Zach gets more popular but until it does the site/board here is for the general public. You don't even have to be a member here to view the content, just to post. I think Sarmy can kinda be considered private cuz you have to be a member to be able to read the Zach related forums on the board. Anyways, thanks again for being civil. Some people don't like having their opinions questioned. It's nice to find fans who are actually open and friendly towards a difference of opinion. :-)
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Feb 17, 2010
Ok so you think of celebrities as human but not the paps. Got that.... Your idea of what should be but what is is totally different than what I believe. As for thnking of celebrities as human, well they are as you and I. They have jobs that pay more and just as much stress as we ordinary people deal with in the world. BUT they chose to immerse themselves in a world where the public eye scrutninzes them more. Is it right? Guess it all comes down to what one's opinion would be in regards to right or wrong. As for the paps, I know what they are: freelance photographers. As I've said before it's a dog eat dog world out there in LA and NYC for that matter. It is alot of work and definately noone thanks them for it but they do it for a number of reasons:they enjoy it, they need to do it for money, etc etc. Choosing a different field/career cuz it's saturated in that area is harder than saying "just change your occupation". Easier said than done. People take and do what's out there and if being a pap is the only thing out there to do as your career, then so be it. Not all people like or can flip burgers for a living. If you refuse to justify their choice of living then so be it. It is what it is. They do what they have to to survive. Alot of us have made those choices in life...some things that we arent proud of but had to be done. As for this statement:"And while we can't control the world, and we can't control the environment Zach HAS to be in by virtue of doing the work he loves, we DO have, and are the only ones who have, control over what appears here, in a sense, in his 'home', the place he provides for us, and we can choose to either both promote that work, and give him reminders while he is here of the most unpleasant aspects of his life, or we can let THIS ONE PLACE be a place where he can relax, and not have to see it. " I'm sorry to say but I totally disagree. This is a PUBLIC forum that was created for fans of Zachary Quinto(the good, bad, and ugly). If he comes here, then that is his choice and right to visit. We as fans shouldnt have to "tiptoe" around here so we don't displease him, cause him discomfort, or cuase him to never return.. That is how I interpeted your statement and reacted to it. I don't expect him to come here, but if he does then good for him. Sometimes it's good for an actor to interact with fans but personally I wouldnt reccommend it as it causes alot of issues with fan expectations as well as other things. Look what happened when he did that play in Oaji...he didnt go to the dinner thing and some fans dissed the guy cuz he wasnt there. Turning this forum into a sterile, moderated type board is a big turn off for fans. I can name other celeb boards that have suffered from that and now they are ghost boards. What if we were told we werent permitted to discuss anything non -Zach related ie getting to know you stuff, sympathy posts, etc etc? Wouldnt be cool, would it? Same with the pap photos. Alot of us like pap photos and don't find anything wrong with them. It's all part of the package deal of being a public eye figure. You can disagree, but it is what it is. Honestly please don't take any of this the wrong way. I'm here for the discussion. We all have difference of opinions and I enjoy your posts here regardless if I agree or disagree...gets the mind working.:-) Thanks for the posts...
Alot of the paps arent scum. They are in a business like anyone else who are out to make money. Alot of the times they really don't make anything cuz of the internet. The only big money makers would be someone like Brad and Angelina having a baby or an outside affair and the pap wants to be the first to catch the first photo. It's the same with the news media. Everyone is out to try to be the first to get the exclusive. Foretunately for the paps, there are always going to be curious people whop are interested in anything related to the entertainment business. So I seriously doubt it's going to change anytime soon. Also in alot of cases, being a freelance photographer there really isnt another field for them to be in cuz the business is so saturated with them. So calling these people scum is wrong. We don't know them and we don't know why they got into the business they got into. They are people just like you and me. They have bills to pay too. It is what it is. Just my opinion, of course. LOL As for what a pap will do to get what they want...well again they do what they have to to get what they need to pay their bills. Especially in LA it's a dog eat dog world and if one wants to eat, then they have to do whatever it takes to get what they want to survive. They make the same mistakes as alot of us do. It's human nature. I don't know many people who won't do whatever it takes to feed/house/clothe themselves or their families. Not to say there aren't truly horrible people out there who are paps...Hell there are alot of horrible people in other fields. They are everywhere. It's just that the paps are more scrutinized as they are in the public eye. Celebrities know what they get into when they decide to get into their "craft". Celebrities may not be public servants but they are in the public eye therefore an interest to anyone. Their private lives are just that but it's become a fine line between private and public anymore...Bottom line people are nosy and want to know what toliet paper they use or what kind of soda they like to drink. I dunno how else to say it. LOL Anyways, great topic as to debate this kind of stuff:-)
I really enjoyed Percy Jackson...thought it was pretty cool and had alot of action.
All I can say is Wow...*shakes head in disbelief* Poor guy can't please everyone....Fame does have a way of taking its toll on people. Zach's been thru alot since April/May of last year...starring in a HUGE franchise like Star Trek pretty much solidified his position in the eyes of the film industry. He as well as Chris are "hot property" now to the fans & the paps. I hate to see that he's losing a bit of his sanity cuz of all this and I would hope his fans would understand that it's not a slam towards them. The guy was probably exhausted and went home to chill out. If on the other hand if people saw photos of him the same night partying at some night club, then I may understand the anger and disappointment. On another note, if people were only attending the event in hopes of meeting Zach, then that's on them. In the entertainment industry nothing should be expected cuz the unexpected is always possible. Everyone should have attended to have fun and enjoy seeing Zach on stage. Anything else should have been treated as a gift and treat. Anyways, JMO...
Smoking doesn't bother me. My whole family smokes. I'm the only non-smoker. I prefer to spend my $5 on something else. LOL As for Zach smoking, he was smoking at the reception for Standing on Ceremony. But he only lit up one and it was towards the end. Perhaps it's a stress reliever for him. Who knows...
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Hmmm I'll wait til he's in an actual broadway play :-) That would be more of a treat to me. This sounds like it could be like a reading type play(similar to the one he did in Nov)??? Regardless it's cool he's able to do what he loves. It's a nice break from film and tv.....
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