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It's a dead ball after the goal - the ref is the only one who has any 'rights' to it.
I've been thinking about this handball vs the Henry one, and why I seem to accept them differently - I think it's all because it's defense vs. offense. Henry used an opportunity to gain advantage to score a goal - I can certainly understand the sudden opportunistic action - but I don't really like it - and he gained advantage from the play without a penalty. But Suarez make a conscious decision to use his hands to prevent a goal against his team and paid a penalty - it was basically a sacrifice play - and I don't really mind it at all. Sure, a goal counts the same whether for or against your team - but I find my acceptance of the violation is different depending on which it is.
I envision Ives cackling each time he types it.
Since when have the starting-11 played all the way through ... the second-11 need to look like the starting-11 except hungry.
After thinking about these picks, I predict England for the win.
been disembedded, but could not work out any possible reason I figured it was when he criticized the British food ...
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2009 on How We Fight, and How the MOD Reacts at CentreRight
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Since the French government will cover the losses of the vehicles destroyed before their useful life is expired, perhaps this is just the French version of "cash for clunkers".