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Blame Loria and Samson for the Marlins' inability or, more appropriately, their unwillingness to sign anyone of significance. They stopped acting like a real club after the '05 season. Even in that Manny scenario, the Marlins refused to take on salary. Consider the Nick Johnson deal this year...again they refused to take on salary as the Nats ate the rest of Nick's contract. It should be noted that they have locked up Hanley long-term and, if you believe the papers, they are dead set on locking up J.J. as well. So, with the new stadium opening in 2012 there is hope and optimism on the horizon, but until then, if you are a Marlins fan, you will just have to hope for overachieving from this club.
Well, the last time you saw them unload their superstars was after the '07 season. Losing Cabrera was obviously tough, but as it turns out losing Dontrelle wasn't. At that time the stadium was yet to be approved, so there was no reason for them to deviate from their SOP. Skepticism is fair at this point, but when considering everything they have coming, in terms of revenue streams, trading away Hanley is illogical.
How exactly is Hanley going to get too expensive for the Marlins? They're the ones who signed him to that long-term extension. That extension was also signed at the old Orange Bowl site, which is where the new stadium is being built. It was the first sign that the fish were willing and able to retain their stars. As mentioned, they have the new stadium opening up in 2012 which means the revenue streams will be in place to finally field a club with a median payroll. Trading Hanley prior to the stadium opening up would be an absolute public relations disaster and something that I'm sure MLB wouldn't be too pleased about. They've come out publicly and said one of their top priorities is to lock up Josh Johnson to a long-term extension as well. They are in a good financial position now. These trades the past two years were of very little significance. Willingham, Olsen, Jacobs, Hermida and probably now Uggla are not superstars. They have 2 bonafide studs on their roster...Hanley and J.J. They've locked up one and now want to lock up the other. The days of the Marlins simply gutting the squad of their superstars is over.
"I would hate to see Uggs go, the guy is truly one of the unsung better all around second basemen in the game that nobody knows about, who does not follow the Fish. If the guy played in NY, people on here would be ranting and raving about the guy." Are you kidding me? Nobody knows who he is and NY fans would be raving about him? Everyone remembers the worst performance in All-Star game history and especially so, given that the game was the last AS game played at the real Yankee Stadium. That game got so much hype, as did his horrendous performance. Uggla is an average to below average defender who, when he makes contact, usually hits it hard. Saying his defense is respectable is pushing it. I don't need all those fancy numbers people throw out there to justify a postition. Watching Uggla play everyday is enough for me to know that he is not nearly respectable defensively. He's more known for short arming double play balls to first and being bailed out by Cantu or whoever is playing first on those throws and dozens of others than actually making the difficult play. Now, he's had some great plays this year, but as a whole he's not solid at that position. As far as his bat, his home runs are almost always of the solo variety, which are in garbage time. His walks are up, but he strikes out way too much. He seems to refuse to make adjustments in-game or pre-game relating to whoever is on the mound. He should keep a Delgado like journal, but it's too late for that. If he was a better consistent hitter he would have well over 100 RBI. He's failed so much this year in clutch situations that it's sickening. With the type of payroll the Marlins throw out there, Uggla's cost/benefit analysis is on the negative side. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm not an Uggla fan. I'd much rather see Coghlan moved to 2B, but it appears the fish want him to stay in Left. As you mentioned Boni is not ready and should have been in the minors all year. Maybin to me looks like he has turned the corner and is ready to step up. Uggla belongs in the AL as a DH. Beinfest's philosophy is pitching, speed, and defense. The pitching is almost there, the speed is there if it can be disciplined. The defense is getting better now that Hermida is gone. Conclusion: Trade him for another Nunez type.
"You realize the Pirates just set a new standard for futility... at least the Mets were only a game away from the series recently. Not a Mets fan, but wow, that's just a silly thing to say." It's actually really not that silly. With the amount of money that Wilpon spends on the team and the total lack of return for that money, the Mets are a mess. Factor in top executives acting like complete fools, such as challenging a whole farm club to fight in the team's clubhouse and creating a media frenzy by rediculously calling out one of the writers during a news conference and you have a franchise in a state of disarray. They need to clean house from the top down, meaning GM, manager, and several roster moves. While the Pirates may have 17 years of futility in their back pocket, they have just as many titles as the Mets do in that span. The Pirates future is clear and somewhat bright, while the Mets future is as hazy and dull as the LA smog.
You are an incoherent imbecile. Leave Johnson out there so he could at least one out you said?? He surrendered 4 straight frighan hits. All those hits came from the BOTTOM of the Nats batting order. You are an absolute dope. Hermida is the clown here.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2009 on Hanley Ramirez Returns to Lineup at Fish Bytes
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This is a good move, only if Gaby is given the opportunity to play every day. You don't call up a guy just to simply sit. The fact of the matter is that both Coghlan and Boni do not belong at the top of the order. Not with the type of performances displayed last night. You simply cannot have 2 guys going 0-9 with 4 K's in front of your main weapon. I think Maybin should also be up here. He's hitting over .340. Yeah, it's AAA and the PCL, but perhaps he's figured it out. This is nuts.
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"did i miss something... isn't there another 2 months left in the season. Then explain to me how exactly are the Marlins out of it already.. We just need to make the right trades (Hermida, Uggla), bring up the right players (Sanchez, Morrison, Maybin) and get rid of coaches who make horrible team decisions (Fredi Gonzalez)." So that's all the fish need to do? Wow. Wish it was that easy. And, it's not fair to single Fredi out. Fox and Presley should be packing their bags as well. Horrendous defense since Perry Hill left and no improvement in discipline at the plate under Presley's watchful eye, a career .240 hitter himself I believe.
Maybin is batting around .338, or thereabouts, at last check. He's switched in and out of the lead off and 3 hole. I love the future as far as position players go, but a big chip that was reportedly being used as bait for any deal was Gaby Sanchez. He's hitting around .300. Morrisson, after coming back from the DL earlier this year, has struggled at AA. Stanton has struggled there as well since being promoted a month or so ago. The future is bright, but Morrisson and Stanton aren't ready. If they heat up this month and next I'm all for calling them up. Also, it should be mentioned that the Marlins are very frugal, they won't call up players if they know that the call up will shorten their team control over that player.
"Bonifacio does not belong on a major league roster in any capacity - not even as a pitch runner. He needs to be sent down and Coughlan needs to move to third, with Morrison or a lesser extent Stanton being called up, or Gaby Sanchez being brought up to play third and sticking with Cogs at LF. The team also needs to rid itself of Jeremy Hermida, preferably for a SP or RP, though his value is so low right now. Again, Morrison, Stanton, and add Maybin to the mix of people who will probably provide more value than him." I'm not a Bonifacio fan by any means, but he's playing at a position that he's never played before. His OBP is horrendous, but he's also hitting in a spot he's simply not suited for. Batting him 2nd or even lead off is stupid. He should bat 8th. Fredi Gonzalez should share in a lot of the blame for the Marlins inconsistencies. Of course, he's a string puppet for the front office.
Uggla and Hermida, maybe Cantu. Hanley is the lone Marlins signed long-term and that's at a discount for a guy of his stature. Josh Johnsonn is going no where, as he is under club control untill 2011 I believe. but you know how the fish brass operates....
The way I see it studio, by 'selling' Uggla and/or Hermida they can still be buyers. Selling guys who are holding you down in favor of improved defense at 2B and the OF may just make the fish more competitive. I believe that to be the case at least.
The Marlins haven't swung that bat well for the past couple weeks. They're basically Hanley and whoever may have a decent game in front or behind him. The fact that Nolasco has reverted back to his April and May form the past 2 starts coupled with Miller being as inconsistent is doing them in.
Simple mental typo. No big deal. As for the Marlins, I've watched this core group for a long time and I'm simply hoping that they sell. I'd love for Uggla and Hermida to be shipped out. Put Boni or Coughlan at 2B and bring up Gaby Sanchez and Maybin. Why Maybin is not up in the bigs, after his torching of AAA (I knows it's the PCL but still) is beyond me. Uggla stock has dropped and Hermida is relatively worthless at this point.