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I was 12, nearly 13 when the Eagle landed, and spent the whole day that day watching the proceedings on television with my father. He was not a demonstrative man, but he was a space and science fiction geek (guess where I got it from) and when they were safely down on the Moon, he got up and ran around the living room and up and down the hall, shouting "They did it! They did it! They did it!" He had been waiting for that his whole life. It was kind of difficult not to be interested in the space program, anyway, since I grew up listening to the booster rockets being tested at the North American (now Rocketdyne, I guess) Santa Susanna facility. I could see the installation up on the mountain from my bedroom window when I was little, and sometimes when they were running a test it sounded like the whole mountain was going to take off. It was even cooler when they did a nighttime test, because the top of the mountain lit up, as well. That was always fun when there was a new kid at school. This big rumbling would start, and the new kid would start twitching and freaking out at this huge noise. I guess we were kind of cruel, because sometimes we'd wait awhile and let them freak before explaining what that noise was.
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