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I don't play golf anymore -- it's just too sad for all involved -- but years ago my friend & I had an interesting experience at Canyon Lake Golf Club out in the desert near Elsinore, CA. We were about 1/3 of the way through our round and I was about to tee off, when we heard a dull "whap-whap-whap" sound from behind us. We looked around and couldn't see anything, so I addressed the ball again, and once again we heard it: "whap-whap-whap". We walked a few steps back from the tee, and finally saw the source of the noise: A roadrunner had a lizard in its beak, and was slamming it against a boulder to render it motionless enough to swallow. We just chuckled and went back to our game. I'm guessing this kind of thing doesn't happen at Brookline, which is another reason why it was pretty cool. You can create a rule about that in Bad Golf if you like. Gold, Jerry! -- Gregg
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Hi Wil, just a few bullet-points (some of which may induce flashbacks): * Your post prompted me to start watching The Guild, after stupidly NOT watching it, ever. Like all clever projects, it makes me hate myself a little for not having thought of something so clever myself. Good stuff. * It is possible to dislike "Wesley Crusher" and like "Wil Wheaton". Even in the dark depths of season 1, I was able to disconnect my ill feelings toward Wesley (and toward any other TV or cinema character made in the "precocious kid" template) from my opinion of you, who I thought to be a talented actor. * Your stint on G4's "Arena", with Travis Oates, brought you back onto my radar. However negative the experience may have been for you, the fact is that you guys entertained me greatly; so, thank you. * Although I live in L.A., I listen to BBC Radio Five Live in the morning. So it was a bit surreal to hear the BBC's Jane Garvey throw it to Political Analyst Wil Wheaton during the 2004 US elections! I loved it, but WTF?! :P -- Gregg
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My first impression was not favorable, but I think this logo is actually growing on me. I agree with the commenter who said it's nothing like the brilliant new Melbourne logo; but it does communicate something both modern and stately. Whether it will still do so in five years, I can't say. And now for my own attempt at silly, Facebook-style criticism: I have never been able to take Waterloo, Ontario seriously because it brings to mind two things: 1. One of the greatest military defeats in history (sure, it was by definition also one of the greatest military victories, but nobody thinks of it that way) 2. The aquatic park in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" Actually, if it's anything like that second one, I'm in.
Commented Jul 24, 2009 on Will Waterloo Logo Survive? at Brand New
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Use of Adam West in TV spots: Absolute win Logo redesign: Ouch I was very surprised to see how hard-edged they went with this. Sure, it's not formal -- but it's not "friendly" like the Ally identity, either.
Commented Jul 21, 2009 on A LendingTree Grows in the Web at Brand New
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