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dom, what i meant was, u bring boozer him and u dont allow beasley to develop. just a question to you, if you had to chose, who would you take beasley or boozer?
i dont think its worthy to wait a year to end up with joe johnson. i know you guys talk about lebron but the reality of it is lebron and wade are too big to play together. they are world figures nowadays and their ego wont allow them to play together, miami is not big enough for them to share. dont understimate the ego of a human being.
boozer for haslem makes no sense because is a lateral move. u trade haslem for a good small forward and u let beasley play. i can guarantee you beasley will average more points per minute than boozer this season.
he is been lying all this time. he wont go after anybody, they dont want to pay the luxury tax. i wont be renewing my seats. call me bandwagon if you want but the reality of it professional sports is a business and us as fans we should look at it that way as well. if the team dont invest, then we dont either. ill watch at home or go to a sports bar with the buddies.
riley is staying still
i wonder if we are the mistery team on the sessions sweepstake. knicks are going with jayson and resigning nate. and if he goes to clippers he wont start so we are a much better option, one year for the full mle should do it. at this point if milwaukee matches we could do a sign and trade for lets say wright and quinn?
i have been saying it all along, wade needs the ball on his hands so if we sign wade plays the point with iverson at the 2. but we cant go into the season with wright and quinn as backups, we need to find someone willing to take them. why couldnt we trade with golden state and give them quinn, anthony or wright for bellini?
orlando didnt want to lose him for nothing, they will probably trade him next season.
guys i think the longer it takes the better for us. it could only mean lakers/odom conversation is not going anywhere. in the other hand if we could move and sign tinsley it could help us so much.
dsky, do you have anything better than hoopshype, hoopsworld, realgm? if you do let me know because im tired of reading the same rumors over and over. ODOM WILL BE A HEAT! THE LAKERS LOWER THEIR OFFER AND ARE PLAYING HARD BALL WITH HIM.
good news, lakers cameback lowballin odom, now its the time to go for the killing, its now or never for riley and wade, lets call odom and get him to sign tomorrow. he has to be pissed.
if we dont bring odom back, beasley will average more points per game than boozer
who needs boozer when you have beasley. he will be much better than boozer
that answers my question. odom for mle and tinsley for the biannual
tinsley and odom will make it a very good offseason
most of those guys will stay with their team, its a matter of economics. they can make so much more staying put
we need a point guys, we cant win it all with mario, at least not next year. he is not ready
if we get odom, can we still find room and money for tinsley? do we have anybody we can dump?
one realistic free agent next year: JOE JOHNSON
boozer will be a backup plan just in case we dont get bosh or amare, and we dont really need boozer when have beasley. the question is, if we get odom, do we have any room or money to get tinsley or do we need to trade someone in order to fit both in?
our most realistic free agent next year: JOE JOHNSON
lebron = new york the exposure he will get there will be incredible. dont dream, he aint coming to miami. i agree there is a better chance of wade ending up in chicago. and thats unlikely to happen, they love money and miami is the one who can give him the most. if it wasnt all about money odom would have been in miami already
lebron in ny next year bosh stays in toronto wade stays in miami brown gets fired in cleveland our most realistic free agent: joe johnson
now u r comparing pierce to wade? lol not even close. lebron kobe wade they are in a different level and two of them wont be able to play together. any of them with howard, possible.