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Sorry folks, I love D-Wade, but Lebron is just better. This is not 2006 folks, this is 2011 and The King has arrived in Miami. Lebron will lead us to a championship this season. The Heat go as Lebron goes. WITNESS.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Ranking Dwyane's season at Heat Check
Lebron James is the best player on this Heat roster, best player in the NBA, MVP of the league, 2-time MVP, and the leader of this team. Hands down. Lebron James is taking over Miami. Sit back and witness the greatness as it unfolds.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Ranking Dwyane's season at Heat Check
I told you idiots that Lebron James is the new King of Miami. No disrespect to Dwyane Wade but, even Wade knows that when both came together in the off-season, that Lebron had the skills and resume to overtake him as the most popular Heat player. Lebron James is a freak and is the most feared player in the NBA. You already seen sprinkles of his greatness this season with his 50 point game and effortless triple doubles. Hell, he is a triple double threat just about every game. It has been mentioned by many NBA experts that when Lebron develops a post game, his game will virtually be unstoppable and his game will forever be compared to the great Michael Jordan. All he needs to do is work on his clutch shooting and start winning multiple titles. These goals are very attainable with the talent of this team and Lebron will have plenty of opportunities to make clutch shots as Wade begins to age and he seperates himself as the best player/leader of the team. Simply, Lebron will be know as the greatest Heat player of all time. Move over D-Wade.
The Dolphins need to realize that talent wins football games. We can't keep worrying about the future, by being content with drafting players as our main source of talent and tinkering our practice squad trying to look for the next diamond in the rough. The Dolphins need to adopt more of the model that the Jets use, by signing more impact free agents, and trading for more star players.
The Heat have alot of room for improvement. They are clearly overmatched at the Center and Point Guard positions and at time their offense just isn't very fluient. They need to find the right match of players to play next to The Big Three. I think that Joel Anthony should be replaced by either Big Z or Jamaal Magloire in the starting lineup to put a defender in the game with more size. We are getting killed on the offensive board every game. Also, Carlos Arroyo isn't cutting it at point guard. Either start Eddie House/Mario Chalmers or put Lebron at Point Guard with James Jones playing Small Forward. We need more shooters on the court to start the game because Wade and James aren't great in that respect.
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2010 on Showtime, homework time at Heat Check
The Dolphins better get their offense going and fix thier special teams. Fins need to commit to running the football more too. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams both only have 40 carries in 4 games, that's 10 carries a game. That's ridiculous. That formula might have worked against Buffalo and Minnesota, but not against Green Bay.
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Both players obviously are still bitter about their departures from the Heat. Shaq is notorious for bad-mouthing his former teams anyways. Plus, Shaq is in the twilight of his career right now, and can't lead a championship team while playing a significant role. Jason Williams on the other hand, would figure to have some bitterness against the Heat as well, after he wasn't resigned after his injury-riddled 2007 season. Also, I'm sure he is well aware about the Heat being 1 of 4 teams that voted against him being able to unretire in the middle of the 20008 when he was released by the Clippers that season.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2010 on J-Will Assists on Shaq's Slam at Heat Check
Things will finally click for Patrick Turner in 2010. He will do so well in the preseason, that the Dolphins will cut slow-footed Greg Camirrillo. Imagine Turner and Marshall on the field together on goaline formations. Just throw the fade route all day. I hope he can contribute this season after we picked him in the 3rd round last season.
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Look at these geniuses now. The Trifecta now wants to make a move on Jason Taylor after watching the Jets at all of this talent this off-season while trying to make a play at Taylor. NOW they want to make a move to try and remain competive with the Jets. What a shame. I like what the Trifecta has accomplished with this team the past two years, but I really hope that they make some good moves during the draft in order to keep pace with the Jets.
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WE DON'T NEED A RB. WE NEED A WR. Why take a gamble on a RB not projected as a workhorse back? Our offense is a run-heavy offense used to set up the pass. It doesn't make sense to draft Spiller, because he doesn't fit the mold of a workhorse back and therefore is not a good value in 1st round for us. Also we three very valuable RBS in Brown, Williams, and Cobbs. Dez Bryant on the other hand, projects as a #1 WR, which IS A NEED for us. Also the phins don't have anything close to a playmaking WR the caliber of Bryant on the roster and Free agency hasn't produced a realistic option at the position. Therefore, Spiller or any other RB should not even be considered until the mid-rounds. Phins need to focuse on need areas such as WR, DT, FS, OLB. One of the best players in the draft that fills one of those needs is Dez Bryant and he should be the pick if he is available.
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Dez Bryant SHOULD BE OUR PICK if he is available. Bryant fills a HUGE NEED on our roster and is one of the best players in the draft. I don't care what the stats suggest or draft history of Parcells indicates, to me it's a NO BRAINER. Make it Dez Bryant in the 1st round.
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Word to the wise, don't draft a wide receiver in the first round of the draft. Just keep developing Ted Ginn and Patrick Turner and we will be great.
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2010 starting wide receiver WR1 Patrick Turner WR2 Ted Ginn Let's go phins
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My favorite draft senario: The whole Ted Ginn Family. Rd. 1 Ted Ginn Sr. Rd. 2 Mrs. Ginn Rd. 3 Grandpa Ginn Rd. 4 Grandma Ginn Rd. 5 Little boy Ginn Rd. 6 Little girl Ginn Rd. 7 Uncle Ginn Super Bowl here we come
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I think if Beasley was more of a dominant post player, he would be in the game at crunch time. A post game is the missing eliment to Beasley's game. This would seperate him from being a borderline good player to a great player. Beasley needs to make that type of progression this season in order for the coaching staff to forget about using Haslem ahead of him. I've read experts predict that Beasley could become a top ten player in the league at some point. I think I would agree with that assessment, anticipating that Beasley develops into a complete player. Just think of Beasley developing a dominant post game, and being able to shoot from all areas of the court. CAN YOU SAY UNSTOPPABLE. I see him developing into a player like Kevin Garnett or Dirk Nowitzski.
I agree with the sentiment that Joey Porter should be cut because he regressed significantly this season. Also, another reason Porter should be cut is because of his age. Most players in the mid-30s don't progress as much as they do regress, and the latter is were Porter is right now. I have no problem with cutting Porter as long as the Phins can find a replacement for him that can provide similar, if not better production than him. If not, then reduce his role in the way that was suggested in the blog.
Everyone knew that Miami wasn't Lamar Odom's preferred destination. It was obvious that he used the Heat to get a better contract with the Lakers. It was just logical for him to choose the Lakers over the Heat by assessing the dynamic of each situation. The Laker had much more leverage than the Heat: Championship roster and more cap flexibility. It's alright though, that bastard had to settle for less anyway because the Lakers reduced their offer so he didn't even get what he wanted. I still think that the Heat will continue trying to make moves this off-season. I think that this disappointment is going to motivate Riley to make some deals to close the gap with the rest of the East contenders. I really see Riley making a hard push for Boozer now. The Heat need to do something significant to just compete in the East this season. Let's make it happen Pat. Let's Go Heat.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2009 on OK, so it's O for Odom at Heat Check
I hope that D. Wright develops this season. Because I hate when guys get drafted so high with so much potential only to flop. If Wright had developed already, the Heat would not have been in such bad shape over the past two seasons. I always like Wrights althelicism: Dunking over bigs, blocking shots, the alley-oops. I thought that he would have been a very productive player at this point in his career and Riley apparently did as well. Thats why he is still on this team. Anyways, with Moon gone I hope that Wright could stay healthy and develop his offensive game this season. If that happens then that puts the Heat back on track in becoming one of the elites. I compare the Heat and D. Wright's development to the Lakers and Trevor Ariza. When Ariza finally developed, that made the Lakers a lot more talented and was key to the championship. Ariza was a similar player to Wright just a season ago: Very athletic but limited offesively. If Wright can show the same type of improvement that Ariza had, then the Heat could be on their way to being elite, depending on what moves they make this off-season in addition.
I not getting exited about any reports speculating where Lamar Odom is going to sign. When it is offically announced which team he signs with, then I'll react. Because only Lamar Odom knows whats the best decesion for himself. He could very well just be using the Heat as leverage with his contract negiotiations with the Lakers, which is apparent. I beleive he is using the Heat as a fallback option. If he really wanted to sign with the Heat, he would already have. Its been about 2 weeks now and he knows all of the dynamics of each situation so I don't know what he's waiting for. (Maybe a higher offer from the Lakers). Thats the only logical explanation for his delay.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on Wade Heats Up Odom Campaign at Heat Check
I don't know what Lamar Odom is thinking, but I hope that he chooses the Heat. If Odom signs with us, then that definetely speeds up this rebuiling process and makes things easier for Riley. Besides the the Heat need another break like they got in '04 when Odom first signed with us. There is no way that we compete this season without signifact upgrades, especially with many teams getting better this off-season. Getting Odom would be the start of the Heat transforming its roster similar to how the Lakers did theirs. By developing their young players while adding proven superstars.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2009 on Wade Heats Up Odom Campaign at Heat Check
If Odom signs, then there would be no need to sign dozier this season. They could send him oversees to develop. They could then look to trade for boozer, which could open up a couple roster spots to sign beverely and possibly jamaal tinsley or jason williams. Those deals should make us a serious contender this season.
I would pick tinsley over J-Will because tinsley is younger and more athletic. Plus, tinsley should be more motivated to play and prove himself after the debacle in indiana. J-Will has won a championship already in his career.