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You guys got to eb kidding me. First of all, Cleveland will not be capped out after this season. They, like everyone else, have been planning for LBJ's potential free agency. they will have more cap room than most teams out there with Shaq's 20+ coming off, lebron's coming off, Ilgauskas 13+ coming off, etc. They will be well below the cap, able to sign LBJ to the max, and then let him pick who else they go after. I know it is hard for us to believe down here in Fla., but dude was born in Cleveland and the cold is probably not a big deal to him as he gets to play in front of family friends,and the city he grew up in. I think it is a far more likely scenario that Wade, Bosh, or one of the other big names signs with LBJ in Cleveland. Heck, if they resign LBJ, get another super star on board, I wouldn't be shocked to see Shaq take a smaller deal to try for one more ring.... Let's face it, the Heat are a mess right now. If Riles doesn't get Odom or Boozer, DWade is gone. Why would he hang around?