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I know of the incident you speak of in court. You might want to believe that verson of the story, but not the way it happened. If your friend doesn't want people to know that she was the one doing the bullying by trying to bump into perdocks girlfriend and pass a note to the court saying she was being harrassed she shouldn't post the truth on her facebook. As for the naked cats still think they're odd especially when they go along with your profession. When will these cats get tattoos? As for class haven't witnessed that.
Why do people need to make fun of the way people look, on the stand or in the court? There have been so many rude comments about Mr. Perdock's girlfried and now Ms. Rockenstein. How childish, that would be like making fun of someone because their cat doesn't have any hair.
"kim STFU" my name is "KIM" not Tammy. Dan can prove this to you by my address as I have not hidden anything. I am a friend of the Perdock Family and a prior friend of Donna's. Gave up that friendship when it was no longer a healthy friendship. Came down to choosing between Donna and the kids, I chose the Kids. The one truthful thing you did say was about "Mark" and I because actually I have been married to him for 19 years.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2009 on Perdock Finally Takes Stand at I-Team
I can't believe that anyone would think that Perdock had a smug look on his face. I saw a man distraught and emotional. My son was watching and mentioned that he looked like he was close to crying. How do you know that his girlfriend was talking to Russ at the exact time you were easdropping? Do you really think that she only talked to him today? As to there being a problem with her texing, how is this different from Dan twittering? My heart goes out to the Thornton family, I can not imagine going through what they are.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2009 on Perdock Finally Takes Stand at I-Team
Oh boy Donna will take the stand tomorrow, I'm sure she will have nothing but the truth to say. After all everyone that knows her knows what a honest and honorable person she is. If she condradicts the timeline it's because she makes up what she can't remember. After all if you dine on wine how can you remember the time. I wonder if she can make it to court sober. Hopefully she remembers that her son as well as other people's children were at that sleepover that night. Her son as well as the other boys remember when Russ left for his ride that night. It saddens me that she places her children in the middle of her lies. The statement that Tammi and Russ make a great couple and deserve each other is the first truthful think I have read on these blogs. They are good, honest, loving people. They both deserve to be with people that have the same family values and care and love them, especially after what their ex's have put them through. I have never know Tammy to be anything close to a bully, Donna on the hand I can't be that kind. I have personally seen her bully her beautiful daughter.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2009 on Perdock Finally Takes Stand at I-Team
Mr. Perdock's mother is alive and well. I don't believe that has anything to do with the case. The mention of her being deceased just goes to show how people start and believe rumors.
Lynn I do not have access to anyone. i do know Russ Perdock but believe it or not we do not talk about the case. As to the DA I have NEVER even see or talked to the DA, ever. I don't even think he has handled this case appropriately. But of course you already know that. Your right their are reports of all kinds, but they will not back up what you say, of course you might remember that. I hope the public will look into these reports some are public information, example civil suit. I have also told the truth. Can't say the same for you.
I am going out on a limb here and going to guess "Lynn" knows she is lying about everything she has posted here. I think she knows for a fact that pplena is not Perdocks girlfriend but a long time friend of the families. As for the civil suit thats all public information, look it up instead of spreading lies. Perdock did not file a claim that is why he didn't receive money. Weber took the fifth turning the proceedings. Dinius and Weber took money that could have gone to Lynn son, what good friends.