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Good write up, but I take issue with this part: A point in which "some noise was made?" A spectator yelled "OUT" on Federer's shot, but it wasn't out, it was on the line. Delpo drilled it crosscourt, Fed hesitated a moment after the shout, and stabbed at the ball and lost the point. I was also yelling SHUT UP at the TV to the stupid fool who screamed out. The chair should have scolded them not to yell out during points. Given the tense situation where this occured, it is no surprise he lost it for a moment. He is human, after all. It is telling that he didn't complain about the idiot in the presser, just owned up to being emotional, etc. I also give full credit to Delpo, who stated MULTIPLE times, despite being baited repeatedly, that his knee did not affect his play. It is disgusting at times how the media harp on players trying to hook them into saying what they want the sound bite to be. Show me a player who says they have no pain and I'll show you a liar (Federer included!) EVERY player has something going on, big or small, all the time.
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You are right about the vital stats not being accurate. Both Fed and Rafa are listed as 6'1", and having seen them side by side, it is clear Rafa is shorter. It is all quite silly, as it hasn't hurt his record against Fed or anyone else. And does anyone really think eeking out that extra 1/2-1" on his bio is what makes other players fear him? Sadly, women have long had their weight scrutinized; nothing to do with tennis intimidation. The whole issue of listing vital stats is somewhat dehumanizing. Shall we check their teeth and and check their fetlocks too?? LOL!
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Meh. I rushed out get this book based on some of the excerpts posted here in the recent past. Turns out they were the best parts. I expected a lot more insider info on the players, what they're really like, etc. Actually was too much info about PMac himself; sorry, but he was a second tier player and I expected this book to be more about his insider info on others. The comments here have focused mostly on the Sampras and Agassi parts(old news.) What struck me was the very negative picture of Blake, which hetried to smooth over by repeatedly "saying but Blake is a nice guy." I don't know....I kinda liked PMac before, but I walked away from this book feeling vaguely that it's PMac I now think less of. Can't really put my finger on why, and maybe it's Bodo's writing (a frequent turn off for me)but this seemed like a petty, somewhat bitter book, a little self-aggrandizing, and a lot ho-hum.
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@Daniel ..except the real reason Rafa skipped Wimby last year was his mental state due to his parents divorce. Even the most devoted Rafa commentators stated that. True, tendinitis is a chronic condition and can wax and wane, although sometimes it seems to wax and wane with unbelievable swiftness in Rafa's case. Just wish people would acknowledge that back problems are also chronic, and Fed has had back problems off and on for years. We are accustomed to hourly updates on Rafa's knees, and just because we don't hear much on Fed's back, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. He mentioned after his loss to Berdych that he had a "little bit of a back and leg problem." Typical understatement from him; he went for an MRI the next day, so doubt it's a "little bit" of a problem. Nonetheless, he was toasted for the comment. This isn't a Rafa vs Fed thing, it's a "media's treatment of Rafa vs Fed." They constantly pepper Rafa with solicitous questions about his knees like concerned parents, and make excuses for him if he loses...he was injured, it was his knees. With Fed, he had strapping on his thigh clearly visible in his second round match, and not one person in his press conference asked about it!?! Unbelievable! When he finally fesses up to "a little bit" of a problem affecting his movement, he is toasted as sore loser making excuses. It's especially shocking that the media is so quick to turn on him as he has been so accomodating to them for years. It's just sad. However, this is typical of the media, so one day I expect it will happen to Rafa as well. Sad for him too.
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Are you kidding me? You'd think at the start of Wimby you would have something of more SUBSTANCE to write about. Sounds like a big case of Fed-envy to me. I'm not even sure what I think about his suit; some angles I like it, others not so much. Who cares? Fact is, he has a model's body and can make most anything look good. But to ascribe anything more to it other than being a fun diversion for TMF is simply insane. You sound like a rejected suitor! (pun intended)
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