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Bonifacio is going to be a good player. I think this year was just for him to get wet. I don't think the Marlins thought they would do as well as they actually have. They wanted to get Boni some time to learn in the bigs, not in the minors. The kid is working, he's just overmatched right now. Hermida is different, however. I don't see the work ethic that is needed. He is just happy to be in the bigs. You will see that Boni is a better player than Hermida. Time will tell...
What are the Marlins going to do with Maybin? They obviously don't think much since he was put in the eight hole. That is a horrible place to put a rookie! They think of Boni a lot more than Maybin, so why not trade him for something good? Adrian Gonzalez AND Heath Bell? Come one! This is just like last year with Manny. They feign interest of winning so they can keep the cheap players who overachieve. They got away with it in 2003, but it won't continue to work. Go out and make a splash!!!