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Our best Center Fielder in AAA? last i checked our best center fielder is currently wearing a Dodgers uni - as in Juan Pierre. Cameron Maybe-I-swing-Maybe-I-Don't; needs to be more consistent. He's got the talent, he needs to get into a routine so he isn't star-struck at every opposing pitcher to swing like his highly acclaimed stats in the minors. He was sent down for a reason; legit. Granted the fire sales don't seem to help in Marlins Management history in maintaining players; but holding back a key player just to avoid higher fees in the not-so-distant future sounds way to cynical; even for any part-time Marlins fans. This team is a Buying team, lets add on! I am looking forward to seeing Maybin; but you gotta give credit to what we have now aren't benchwarmers either. Let's go Marlins...
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2009 on Larry Beinfest on the Trade Deadline at Fish Bytes
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