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I suppose that it is of no comfort, but you put words to a feeling I have long hated about performing. My experiences have all been with stage (primarily ballet, and many other forms of dance, as well as a little acting). When working with a company, I have often felt the odd loss associated with the end of a run of shows. It is as if the show itself has become a friend, and you are saying goodbye. As a male dancer, I've done a lot of guesting for dance companies, which often means 1-5 weeks of intense work followed by a 1/2 day opportunity to say goodbye to the many new friends, running jokes, and now-familiar settings. It is an apt metaphor, itself, for the duality of pleasure and pain. Would the show be so precious and rewarding to us, and have such a seductive allure at the outset, if not for the knowledge that it will all end in tears? ~Jot
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