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I love this story! I especially love the picture of you and your brother, they way you both have your arms around each other. So much more love there than Justin just standing next to Justine (j/k)! Thanks so much for posting. I wouldn't say I'm that much of a geek, but I have a picture just like that from when my sister and I went to a math competition together in middle school and won some low level award. So it made me smile :).
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I am only an occasional reader of your blog. But I really enjoy when you write about the sausage making part of your work (acting and/or writing). Anyway, I would never even have heard of this show had you not written about it. I rented the Season 1 DVD last weekend and sort of liked it. So, TNT should totally credit you with the promotion of Leverage! They have gotten at least one more viewer because of your blog.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2009 on LEVERAGE: day five at WWdN: In Exile
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