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This entire offseason, everyone keeps talking about Epps and how they can't wait until he returns. If my memory serves, there was nothing special about Epps that I saw in any of last years games. Now don't get me wrong, he didn't drop as many easy passes as Greg Olsen did while here nor did he drop important touchdown catches like Kevin Everett, but he definitely didn't stand out either. He is not K2, nor Jeremy Shockey, he isn't even as good as Bubba Franks. I am hoping for one of the other TE's on the team to step up and show us they can be as consistent as a Franks or Shockey or Winslow. Someone that can handle the pressure and not fold under it like Kyle Wright loved to do.
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Oh BTW, I have moved over from the Herald since they decided to put Manny on the Marlins. Quick question, how many of you UM fans are also Dolphins fans?
Neither Kirby or Kyle was as good as Brock Berlin. And that is sad considering Brock wasn't that good. Many of you guys want to blame these players lack of ability on coaching. Yet Dennis Erickson won 2 National Titles here and he can't coach to save his life. It's about recruiting not coaching. You can be the greatest coach in the world, if you don't have kids with talent it doesn't matter.