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Amanda Hellenthal
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What an eye-catching title, Marilyn! You must do marketing. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on they’re just not that into you at The FORUM Effect
The best presentation I attended in the past year was Teri Goudie's "Developing Effective Proposals." The Institute of Real Estate Management (my former employer) and CCIM had her as a speaker at their joint fall conference in October 2008, and Teri's presentation knocked my socks off. She made the material come alive, had interactive demonstrations, and made me certain that I couldn't have learned the same material just by reading a book. (And I love books, but when I'm going to hear someone speak, that's not what I'm after!) I would love to hear from other people about good presenters/speakers/presentations they've heard/attended. I think that's one of the huge advantages of Association Forum--we have a huge network from which to draw quality recommendations and get a feel for what's out there. Not all our opinions are the same, and that's good; but we have a huge pool of resources to pull from. So... any good presentations you've attended recently?