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It is funny to see the little things that give us tremendous joy. I read somewhere that Twitter is the Fast Food of entertainment. McNovels of 140 characters or less. But that’s not really it. Twitter is the new connection that we can all be a part of. Sure there is the onslaught of mindless updates and witty quips, but it is the new loud speaker for news, opinion and ideas. So when I see someone doing something interesting, I get a kick out of it too. Wil you are a superstar pioneer in this new medium. I’d follow you until the end of twitter… or until another shinny bauble catches my attenti… ooh paperclips… Follow me @beaucifer.
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Hi Wil, Okay this is a little off topic... though I did get back in my writing groove over the weekend(I think in part due to watching Californication Season One on Netflix). So getting back off topic, I was enjoying Twitter yesterday, like I do, and came across your Bio on your Twitter account. "I'm just this guy, You Know?" and I felt pissed. Mainly because this is the very same Bio I've been using. I, much like you, stole this from Douglas Addams "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" (My favorite book series). Following my discoveries, I sent you a plethora of Tweets demanding Satisfaction, Apologies or explanations for your blatant theft of what I have rightly stolen. It's been a day and I found your "What to Expect when you follow me on Twitter" post from February and as I read it again I realized that you too, like me, are a true geek. I realize that you don't know me and that you didn't steal your Bio from me, but like me, you stole it from Douglas Addams estate just like I did. Now since I’ve washed off the sense of violation from you I do want say that I’m a fan of your books, Blog and Twitter. Don’t worry about the Titter Bio, I’ll concede and change mine. There are plenty of other great lines in that book series that can describe me. I am and shall always be… your fan. @beaucifer
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on time to write at WWdN: In Exile
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