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Welcome to my spot where I share my adventures of being a wife, mommy, and all things crafty.
Interests: Childhood development, jewelry, knitting, sewing, soap-making, and decorating.
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A little note of encouragement for those who need it today…. Have faith, better still have The God kind of faith. This faith believes, speaks, and acts. You must first KNOW God’s words. Read it. Study it. Ponder. Meditate. Pray about it. Talk about it. This is how you get God’s word into you mind and your heart. Now believe God’s word. Believe what God says in His word about you, your situation, your family, your circumstance. Believe that God loves you, it is in His Word. Believe that God has forgiven you when you’ve repented, that’s in His Word... Continue reading
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To this wonderful dad who takes such good care of us: We Love You! Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
Yes, every morning
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Been a little quiet on this blog lately, though today I thought that I'd share some random thoughts/happenings... Freddie's been sick lately, got a doctor's appointment this afternoon I hate autism Watching my little guy have a seizure scares me EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm enjoying the warmer weather. Flower garden in the front of the house is finished and looks fabulous. Vegetable plants are ready to go in... Still deciding on a fence for the veggies Finn (our service dog) likes to swing from our tree (he's funny) Started exercising at home, not a habit yet, but it will be... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
I just ordered my copy on Amazon. Congrats!
I would have loved being able to sleep uninterrupted (didn't happen) and a long bath all to myself... Hmmmm... maybe next year.
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She ships anywhere? Yay!!! Very excited about her GF sweets.
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That arrangement is beautiful. My hubby gave me a stargazer lily plant that smell divine (I will plant it this weekend). My mother in law came over and my hubby spoiled us both with dinner, movies, and cleaning. It was a relaxing day. My mommy is out of town at my niece's college graduation (I'm so happy for her), so I didn't get to see her on Sunday but I'm planning something very special for when she returns home this week.
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There is something wrong with her
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Love this.
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Blush, Chicago
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I put up a wreath and a few decorations around the house. We're going to my aunts house for dinner (I'm bringing a cinnamon pie).
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My son was the FOX news (local station) last night. Take a look. Brookfield Zoo had an Autism Awareness Day yesterday that we attended. Freddie just loves being at the zoo. The weather was perfect, here are some pictures of our fun-filled day. As soon as we arrive we head to Freddie's favorite place in the zoo, The Living Coast, as you can see he's just getting ready to make a run for it I think that he would stay here the whole day if we let him. This is the only picture that came out clear. Couldn't use my... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
Our Spring Break did not go according to my plans. I planned a fun-filled week for us, signed my son up for a spring break camp in the morning, afternoons he’d still have therapy but I included lots of fun early evening activities such as the Children’s Museum, playdates, the mall, and lots to time outside with Finn. The Sunday before our spring break began my little guy woke up vomiting with a high temperature. Since he is seizure prone we kept him home from church and spent the day trying to get his temperature down. I was unsuccessful, we... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
I got mine as well and already purchased two books with it... Yay!
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My handsome little guy turned 4 last Wednesday, he woke up super early to open up a few of his gifts, and he giggled like crazy when I sang Happy Birthday. His big birthday gift was his service dog (Finn), I wrote about him in a previous post. Our parents came over this weekend to celebrate with gifts galore this Larry hat seems to be his favorite so far. He looked so stinking cute wearing his new hat all day. He was more interested in the Buzz Lightyear birthday candle than this caramel cake (more for me). Today though my... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
This week we added a new member to the Greenwood household. A service dog, named Finn. His job is to help/aide our precious little guy (our son has a diagnosis of autism and seizure disorder). Last year while at a Special Needs Expo there was an organization with service dogs, during her demonstration she talked about how these dogs can be used to keep our kids safe, she gave us the example of a child who wanders, is nonverbal with epilepsy. At the time I thought that her presentation was interesting and I filed the information in my head just... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
I'm glad hat you caught it quickly. Have you looked into dog boots?
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We’ve been having a lot of snow/cold weather days when the weather is too bad to go outside. I’ve been spending lots of time knitting and watching Netflix “Miss Marple” series, I remember reading most of her books many years ago (high school) but I’ve forgotten most of them so watching these shows has inspired me to re-read Agatha Christie books. I recently finished “A Murder is Announced”, the PBS show based on the book was entertaining but as usual I enjoyed the book more. A Murder is Announced is set in a quiet English town where an advertisement is... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
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Our Artic Blast has ended! Our normal schedule has returned, I did enjoy having the last two days off. We stayed in our pajamas, read books, watched movies, played games and baked cookies. I haven't baked Oatmeal Cookies in a while, Freddie normally loves these cookies but he was uninterested this time. Good thing I only baked half of the recipe and I froze the rest to save myself from eating them all in a day. The Toll House Cookie Bar was a special request from my husband who gave me the saddest look when he said, "I always ask... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
1. Sugar Snap Peas 2. Molasses spiced cookies 3. I can do anything for 30 minutes straight 4. Fresh pot of tea and jazz music 5. Boot Camp fitness, can't believe I paid someone to yell at me! (never again)
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The snow is pretty when it first falls and as long as it's warm enough to go outside (bundled up of course)then I don't mind. But when it's too cold for the kids to be in school and too cold to play in the snow then I'm ready for spring. This is the second day in a row that school and all activities for my son have been cancelled and it's too cold for him to go outside and play in the snow (wind chill is -27F right now). I'm ready for spring and warmer temps, we want to play outside. But all is not lost, today is the perfect day to bake cookies, one of my favorite activities.
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We are having an Artic Blast in the Midwest today. Right now it is -4(F) and the wind chill of -26(F). Everything has been cancelled, no school, therapy, or doctor appointments. Tomorrow's weather is predicted to be colder, it is unusual to have a day without appointments. I'm thinking that cookies will be made today. Yum-yum! Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot
My son has been climbing on everything lately. The kitchen cabinets, bookcases, pantry shelving, furniture, out of his crib, the list is endless. At school I got a note from his teacher that he is climbing very high and jumping as well. Our little guy has so much energy I'm really looking forward to putting him in a gymnastics class once he turns 4 in a few months. This recent surge in energy and curiosity of climbing has me questioning once again what is he thinking. While at the library a few days ago I picked up a book in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2014 at Angie's Creative Spot