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@jletourneau This use of the term heterarchy by Karen Stephenson is different from how I've read it before. She's using heterarchy in an interpersonal sense, whereas I've been used to seeing it in an inter-organizational sense. The term hasn't been that popular of late. Heterarchy has mostly been linked to 1986 article by Gunnar Hedlund. On search, I've noticed a 2006 reflection on in the Druid Summer Conference 2006 by Ivo Zander and John A. Mathews. Similar ideas, just a slightly different context.
Thanks for opening up my vocabulary to "semantic publishing". Unfortunately, your link into the entry in Wikipedia tends to suggest that we're really early in that technology. (I've left comments on the discussion page, and presume that Wikipedia moderators will figure out whether those links should be corrected or deleted). There isn't an entry in Wikipedia for "semantic tagging", so I tried Google, without getting much enlightenment. I understand the basics of the semantic web from a technical perspective; I'm just trying to figure out if I should change my behaviour in some way to prepare for this future trend.
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