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Great points however, a very important component is missing. For the most part, all so called vegetarian cheese have Casein in them, which of course is a cow's milk protein derivitive. This is not found in vegan cheese products. [I was referring to Vegan cheese products and didn't call them vegetarian. Sure, many of the vegetarian cheeses have casein.] I have always been stumped on this issue... What part of vegetarianism is Eggs, Cheese and Milk they are all still from animals and contain all the toxic sulfer based amino acids any other animal protien does so why do some people think it is healthy?. Now, it is very true, the oil content is a very big issue in vegan cheese.The take home point is the oils that are used in any and all processed foods and even the oils used in everyday cooking are not only nothing but fat but,they are also oxidized rancid fats. Any oil that is extracted from it plant source begans to oxidize in seconds and the longer it sits the more rancid and toxic it gets. So, Is vegan cheese a better choice...No, Not really!. Whats the answer? Well... In some cases Nutritional Yeast has the same texture and the same creamy nutty taste as some mild cheeses but the reality is that the taste of cheese will become vile to the taste buds once it is used to the foods it really wants and needs. Remember, it was once said " Nothing tastes as good as great health feels" [I agree and have written much about the oils/fats and also that oil is NOT a food, or a whole food, or a real food. We CAN overcome our taste addiction to it (and salt, and sugar), but it takes determination, understanding, and will power. Thanks for your feedback! Mark] In Good Health...Naturally Dr Scott B Raphael,T.N.D.