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Manchester, UK
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Hi Wil, Hope all the Leverage stuff is going well :) Do you know if like it'll be shown in the UK? I'd love to see it! That thing about "nerdy geeky gaming stuff" just made me laugh, haha that pretty much summarises my guy mate's conversations 24/7! It sounds fun! I hope this doesn't sound too irrelevant! I was just thinking how funny it is that in "Stand By Me" Gordie was going to become a writer and then you actually are a writer now! Coincidence or what? I'm definitely going to check out some of your stuff haha, is there anything you'd like recommend in particularr? Me and my sis were actually watching it this morning :) It's one of my favourite films, I love you in it, you're just the cutest. It must have been so fun to act. I was just cringing at the bit on the bridge when the train comes and then the leeches! I was like biting my nails! It gets me every time! So do you prefer writing or acting? x
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