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Hello, I am a supporter of Rennes. When Carlos Bocanegra arrived last year, we had doubts about him, because he is quite slow, but after a few games he got better and better and showed he had skills other than speed that justified he started and played every game in le last season : I don't know if Clark and or Davies will rejoin Carlos in Rennes, but if they do, they will find an ambitious club with an ambitious coach, Frédéric Antonetti, the new coach of Rennes, who loves "nice game", with "one touch passes"(I hope you understand what I mean, I don't know the english technical vocabular) and "placed attacks". Anyway, the more american players will go to Europe, the more US soccer will gain benefit. I think that you have in mind "bad examples", like Edu in Monaco, because there are not yet so many american players in Europe, but the more there will be, the better it will be. Years ago it was the same in France when the best french players started to go to Italy, England, Germany and Spain. Some "burned their wings" because of bad choices, but I think France wouldn't have been world champion in 1998 otherwise. See how many played abroad :Équipe_de_France_de_football_à_la_coupe_du_monde_1998 Congratulations to your national team and happy holidays to Carlos ! Greetings from Rennes.