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Very, very funny. (BTW, I've always thought Putin looks a little like Joey Bishop---what do you think?)
But what should I do with all my bitcoins? They're piling up all over the place.
Excellent interview. Though there seemed to be some uncomfortable antagonism between you & that interviewer.
Thanks for this, DL. Sounds extremely inviting. I didn't know this was on its way.
Nice one!
Beautiful. A classic Lally poem. Some love dies, I think, but poems live on forever.
Wonderful poem. And those videos you guys do are fabulous.
Great post---I love "Marriage" and "Landscape with Porn Stars." Good luck with the press.
Three Moon Travel We were driving through New Jersey when the snow began to fall the Turnpike looked so beautiful when your memory I recalled Then I saw your face in my mind's eye I saw your lovely smile I tried so hard to remember you gone forever and a while bridge Whispers from afar: `I never knew who you are' The last free fall when we tried to part as friends and keep the end from breaking us still haunts me so I sadly ... Stood beside the Christmas tree and waited for a sign that you and me... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
Thanks, Jerry. I'm not sure whom I prayed to that day in the chapel---by that time all prayers seemed unanswerable to me.
Thanks for sharing this, Charlie.
I'm very much looking forward to this collection, which I'm told is on its way to me from the North Pole.
Thanks, Dan. I would guess 9-11 will have the same kind of centrality in the memories of millennials.
Hi, my name is Baudelaire, and I'm an alcoholic.
Dear L: This is a very clear-headed take on the whole matter. All of the assassinations and attempted assassinations from that era and later---JFK, RFK, MLK, George Wallace, Reagan, The Pope, John Lennon---all seem to involve that same type of nobody/loser. I've always mostly agreed with the analysis of events that puts Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone actor. But I have to admit that about 10% of me believes that he had accomplices.
Beautiful poem, everything so vivid and immediate.
Nice one, David. I remember it---it evokes that time and place exceedingly well. Clinton was in the Bronx, as I recall. But in a "nice" part of the Bronx.
JFK in Ireland Like many people my age, I have never shaken off the horrible shock of JFK’s murder fifty years ago. His abrupt removal from American life—in so bloody and surreal a fashion—was a loss felt with special intensity by Irish Catholics. Hard to process, as we say today. The photo below was taken on 22 November 1963. In suit jacket and skinny tie, I am exiting the chapel on the campus of Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. Students were streaming in and out of the chapel that day in a frenzy of stunned bereavement. I was in... Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
Michael--this is a really excellent & beautifully written appreciation. 'Lack solemnity' is my motto. It's also good to hear your voice again.
Really good poem---thanks for the introduction to his work. I fully agree with DL's comment above.
Thanks, Lewis, and thanks too for your book. I just got off the phone with the librarian at the Jamie A. MacInnis Memorial Library at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco, having called there wondering if somehow Jamie had wound up as a librarian. But it seems that "Jamie A. MacInnis" (also a poet) died in 2007 at ca. age 50, so they are not connected. How many SF poets named Jamie MacInnis could there be?