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Ira piece of quantity over quality, is junk plain and simple d-wade is out of here!~
Can anyone tell me wherehe will be playing?
Goodby D-Wade
Goodby D-Wade its been a joy seeing you play here in Miami, now the question is where will he be playing after this coming season?
Josh you are right with you article wade will leave because what good is it that you have all the money and no one willing to come here with no real pieces around to contend for a chanpionship, granted someone will come but not worth it is that what Riley have in mind to convience wade? if that's it I should ask Riley for a handout like he gave to blount went he cook over his contract and others like him. Listen all player next season Riley is for change he is going to give money out call cheep players for clunker deals. step right up.
What a dretful season this will be almost painful to watch I feel sory for wade, lets see and be honest! LeBron is not comming specially with the love they prove to him, secound bosh is feeling the love specially the max that they are going to give him, now what good is it that you have all the money in 2010 but no one available to come here and play?
Seson ticket holder sould call the front office and ask for reunbusment for their monny period! Riley promise in a secret meeting last mouth his plan, which words were flat Itell you he knows it and wade knows it. While Boozer was easy target, Riley decided to put all his eggs in odom now what. Tisley Plese thats not going to work. Mr wade how does chicago sounds like or san antonio, papavish is waiting and drulling by now because he knows it.
One of wades favorite is gone, and Riley is playing soon with nothing left Pat better hurry up or lose everthing including wade! As for Tisley or J.Will garbage.
JGTruth is crazy you are not making any sence?
Mr. Dom Iam a Riley bascher, because he haven't done nothing yet this summer, but don't count all your eggs yet until theses deals happend because as of this moment they are still rumors ok. If a deal go's down then good its about time and as of Riley it took a little of reality to know that it's best not to set back this franchise 5 to 7 years than to loose wade.
Riley will mess this one up. first he can't find help for Wade now one of wade"s favorite is been sought by boston, Wade should just leave.
Obama is a statist, for a statist, liberty is not a blessing but the enemy. A statist is dissatisfied with the condition of his own existence, he wants to bring his liberal aganda with is Utopia. Mr. Obama does not know anything about economy, how long will it takes for the people to wake up? The ststist must claim the power to make that which is unequal equal by teiring down everything America stand for, the last person how tried was Hitler.
"Defect" a person , mark or flaw that spoils the appearence or something like a team---------JB
Williams46 maybe after wade leaves Riley pull on jercy #3 and play!! and you will pay to see that!bla bla bla!!!
Writers like Ira knows that the chance of wade defecting is 90% he will defect!
Forget about all the acomplishments and titles what riley did and friends, wake up!!! one thing this organization through wade very well is that this is a business! fans only pays to see these performer play, not to make their decision, so we better get use to it because it all part of the business.
Teams are making moves as we write in this blog, wade's agents job is to make sure that his client which happend to be a superstar not only is wealhy but in position for titles, wade have no time for babysitting, he knows his and the other windows remaing and so the competition is about rings.
If the heat organization continues with this war of words between then it could lead to wade not signing, because when your superstar is trying in a nice way asking for some help and all you have to answer is get back to your corner! Well that could easy be answer with no ink past the 12th.
By the way dmt you are kept in the dake"
If no love is shown than its over, why would you want to stay in a organization that thinks about rebuilding when all others teams in the eastern confrence has up graded? wade is not going to babysit anyone, regarless if he's friend with zo. Wade knows his window, and its not about money because he knows that he can get that elsewhere, it's about rings these days,and legacy for superstars.
hy Ira am not so fan of what you write because, all answers of you writers are answer with negatives and it makes me wonder if you are kept in the dake or you know that Mr. Wade is leaving?
Sorry people but wade is leaving!!!!
Sorry! People but, wade will leave!!!!
Yea you are right 9-11 was an inside job by democracs