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...I'm 44 yo and have always been a big MJ fan. If my mother passed away and had 1000 friends, I would'nt dare ask the taxpayers to pay for securiity for a private affair. It's a disgrace the Jackson family thinks City of L.A. should pay fo their private affair. It's amazing, there never is any money to enhance schools or build facilities to help children. Then the elected office wave the magic wand and presto millions are available to the Jackson family. The City of L.A. has reached 2nd greatest low in my life, the first being the ' 92 riots and today it's immoral expenditure of taxpayer money. One would think the Mayor, with his background has seen the economic pain of his constituants living in the streets of Downtown L.A. Certainly some elected persons have noticed the need to provide food and shelter for those living on the streets rather than find it a priority to serve the the Jackson family a multi million dollar security grant? Something is terribly wrong with our city elected office to embrace this reckless giveway. The idea that taxpayer money is best suited for one super rich family on top of the backs of the poor and destitute shows the balance the Mayor has achieved in his lifetime. As a result of this immoral expenditure, he has decended into a life of depravity, and of being empowered to powerless. The elected office is also to blame, and they can do what they do best. And that is to go home with big smile knowing they did a great job of providing a great showfor the poor and the powerless living in the streets of Los Angeles. Ramon
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