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Tom Carroll
I work in development - married with 3 children.
Interests: I am interested in a variety of subjects such as: Beekeeping, environment, small scale farming, small business development, entrepreneurship, personal development, planning and goal setting.
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My Laptop!
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The above is a title for a book by a man called Tim Ferriss. This is a very clever title for a book but the title is totally misleading (in my view). The book itself is very interesting and has lots of great ideas on how to automate as much of your work as possible. However, the idea that you can get all your work done in just 4 hours per week is wishful thinking. One of the key attributes of successful entrepreneurs is that they work hard. As a title for a book however it’s great as it grabs... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2009 at Bee Muses
One of the most useful books in the time management field is by David Allen called ‘Getting Things Done’. I read this book number of years ago, and it is an excellent book on how to be more productive with your time. As with all books, it's easy to read but to actually implement what it says is the real challenge!! I think it’s the type of book someone needs to refer back too on a constant basis to fully understand what it says. This book contains excellent advice and ideas on how to be more productive. One of the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2009 at Bee Muses
I signed up to the SixMinutes To Success website with Bob Proctor, Canadian author and motivational speaker. I came across this website, on the Internet, and was interested in the idea that someone can get inspiration from a daily video and exercise. The big drawback of this programme is the cost. The cost is $30 per month, or roughly one dollar per day. How it works is that every morning during weekdays, Monday to Friday, you receive an e-mail with an inspirational quote. The e-mail is also a reminder that you have to log in to the SixMinutes To Success... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2009 at Bee Muses
I suppose if I had the money to do just what I wanted that would be great!
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Jul 12, 2009