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Richard Jefferson was a steal for the Spurs. Riley was out of touch on that one. Who would cry over letting Shaun Livingston go? The kid is knocked for not having an "NBA body", he doesn't even a "high school body"!
I don't think any GM would pick WAde over Lebron. Riley would have to trade Wade before he could bring in Lebron. Not likely to happen.
Shaq is definitely on the downside of his career. I wouldn't expect much from him. But in a playoff series, he could be dangerous, just don't bet on it.
Only one player that I can remember that had the skills and body to play all five positions, and play them well. He won championships playing PG, PF, and C.... Magic Johnson.
Beasley is a "Beast", but he can't beat out an undersized power forward with limited skills who probably wouldn't start for half the teams in the League? Something doesn't make sense.
Riley isn't making any moves because the Heat are in financial trouble! The economy sucks, but the Heat is the only team in the League making staff reductions and cutting salaries for coaches! They haven't made any signings because they are trying to reduce payroll. Not just for free agents but to get out of the red!
Haslem must have some nasty dirt on Riley. I know Beasley has issues, but he should be able to start over Haslem.
I'd advise him not to drink too much and ease up on the cell phone also. Especially if he is using the cell phone to Twitter.
The Clippers have a solid front line with: Kaman/C Griffin/PF and Camby backing them up. Nice mix of size, experience and youth. Dunleavy will screw it up somehow.
Blake Griffin could beat out Haslem at a starting power forward for any team. It would obviously be a mistake to trade Beasley now. Since his well publicized substance abuse problems and character issues, his trade value is the lowest of his young career. He needs to get his head on straight. "SuperCool Beas"? He is full of it. Pot kills brain cells, its a friggin' scientific fact. This guy doesn't have the luxury of losing anymore. Get off the dope and listen to the coach!
Blake Griffin is a solid guy. He has the talent to be a starter and he is focused on being a pro. He will start. Beasley has a screw loose. He has the talent to be a starter but can't friggin' get the trust of his own coach to be a starter. He may be the next Ron Artest.
Beasley has had multiple violations with substance abuse. He is a pothead. Chalmers isn't. Whats new?
Impossible??? If you maintain the same amount of body fat and gain muscle mass, your % body fat drops.
I just get the feeling when Beasley does interviews that he has a screw loose. Doesn't seem to have a strong personality and alot of confidence. "Feeling like its not worth living."??? How does a 21 year old with money and fame have such low self esteem. Beasley didn't start last year not because he lacked the talent, but because of his weak character. Maybe Odom and Pippen can handle their drugs, Beasley has proven he can't.
What do you think the results would be if you asked all 30 GM's in the League what would you rather have for the 2009-2010 season: Shaq at $20 million or JO at $23 million plus How would Riley vote?
Shaq isn't that dominant anymore, unfortunately he still is probably one of the better centers in the League and far better than JO.
personal problems are personal problems, and when they interfere with your job, you get laid off. welcome to the real world. he can smoke pot all day, but if it interferes with him not gaining the trust of his own coach, than it should be an issue as a fan.
"Shaq turned into a cancer and wasn't really getting along with D Wade anymore. And at the time of the trade he was sitting out with a pulled butt muscle. How could you possibly keep him under those circumstances?" There wasn't any other better options. Marion/Banks was a failure. I guess its easy for me to say now, but I don't get the big bucks like Riley to make those decisions.
Beasley has talent, but he has a screw loose. He has to get off the drugs and get his head straight before he can be productive and reliable in the NBA.
Jermaine is washed up. Sad thing is the Heat had Shaq who is more productive and at a cheaper price. My prediction: Shaq destroys JO in 2010.
most (maybe all) owners paying a max contract to a player, want that player to lead their team to a championship... regardless of what your preference is.
many teams value having tradeable talent on their team rather than cap room. often these teams are willing to go into the luxury tax as long as they are contenders. Look at Cleveland, L.A., Boston, Dallas, Orlando, and San Antonio. The only way to allow for multiple big dollar contracts is through trades or signing extensions of your existing players. Toronto may want young talent in return for Bosh. Not all teams are in it to just lower their salary, its the fans that pay the bills, they need to get more fans to make $$$ and giving away talent is the worst way to do it.
Today, bosh is not a max contract player. He is not a superstar and definitely not a leader of a championship team. He will get a max offer from somebody.
Are the Clippers looking to make trades? I'm not finding any info that they are looking to move players. They are below the salary cap and have their core players signed for the next three years.
If Wade showed some commitment to the Heat, it sure would help Riley recruit some players. It was ridiculous to hear Wade trying to reqruit Odom when he is not even committed to the team long term. Lamar: So, when are you gonna sign your extension so we can build a championship team? I'm not getting any younger. Dwyane: Uhm...., hey the weather is great here...