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Congratulations on the release Wil! I can't wait to get my copy. To the greater geekdom - I'm not sure if there is a reason that Wil hasn't mentioned it on his blog but Just a Geek is being published again by O'Reilly (paperback release). If you don't yet have a copy, you can get it from most online booksellers (Amazon at the least). Wil, if there is any reason that you have deliberately not mentioned the paperback release, please feel free to delete this comment! Congratulations again!
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Wil, As the author you may or may not already know this but I thought I would share just in case... I spoke with O'Reilly today and they informed me that while the hard-back edition is out of print, they are getting ready to publish a soft cover version of the book. The estimated publication date is August 22nd and their website offers the ability to pre-order the book (with or without the eBook version included) now. One more note - the page is a little deceiving as it says in big red letters "OUT OF PRINT" but according to O'Reilly customer service they were just getting ready to address that issue. I hope this helps anyone that is looking to pick up a copy of Just a Geek - I've already pre-ordered mine! Keep up the great work, Wil!
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Wil (or anyone else who may know the answer to this question) - for those of us that would like to pick up a print copy of Just a Geek, do you have any suggestions as to where to find one? I know a previous comment made seemed to sound like we could get it from O'Reilly, but the purchase options for print are rather confusing ($24.95 for a hard copy, or $16.99 for a 'pre-order' hard copy). I can't find an explanation of the two on their site. If you are going to see a reasonable portion of that $24.95 then I have no problem spending it on the book, but sadly I fear that is likely not how this works. To Wil or anyone else - any good suggestions on where to order a print copy of Just a Geek?
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