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It was the chance to be creative in some way. I knew we were all creative but I only felt that way when cooking. Messin' with the recipe, if you know what I mean. I kind of fell into scrapbooking when I decided to try and do something with the thousands of photos new dh and I were accumulating - at home, during our house renovation,and in travels. I found digital and eh voila! I was waylaid by the stuff of it all, muddled through PSE4 which was all that Adobe had for Macs, and slowly found Ali and you. Ah, my kind of scrapping. I still play with the ahem...overly decorated pages...and enjoy that as much as a little girl enjoys playing dress up and crossing a certain line of 'taste'. But in my heart of creative hearts, what I most want to do is document my life. At 66, I presume I don't have 40 plus years ahead, and in reality I know I have only today, this moment. So where are my priorities? Some days, it's just to have fun. Most days I have fun but in a bit cleaner style. And I must have a touch of red.
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Love this line "My printer also did a bit of unexpected (and unwanted) post processing, too." Oh they do have minds of their own. Focus is such a great word, and you've got great images and words in your layouts. Love the feet on the path image.
Love the Carl Rogers quote Jill. Beautiful.
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Thanks for doing all the work on the BlogHop See you in the classroom.