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Okay I read almost every blog thingy, and i always read the comments from the "critics". I have NEVER seen such a large group of NEGITIVE in my life. If the Panthers dont sign Wayne Gretzky, they are the worst team??? WTF guys do you ACTUALLY think the new management is TRYING TO LOSE. And they havent even started yet? Why dont you guys support the Panthers INSTEAD of bashing them to hell. It makes me sick. Try making SUGGESTIONS instead of ORDERS. I mean really. Obviously our goal is to make the playoffs. They're not scamming you guys or brain-washing you people. So just relax and calm down. Thank you! -Anyways, this schedule looks tougher then last season. But at least we get to end the season with 2 games (4 gimme pionts)against Tampa. Why do we always NJ Devils in our opener?
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Okay West did a great job in the Majors. It was his first time in the Bigs. Hes only 23 what do you expect. Hes not Randy Johnson......yet. Obviously he has time to grown and this experience was great for him. We all know he we only going to be up temprarily. Anibel needs to comeback strong and Amezaga needs to comeback strong. Marlins need to be on thier game this next half.
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2009 on Sean West Returned to Minors at Fish Bytes
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