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All this means is that you gtr f-gs who think you "dominated" the 2000s are FOS. Both UM and UF had 3 top 5 seasons. Um dominated 2001-2005 and UF dominated 2006-2009. UM has one usual.
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are you serious "reality" Final standings 2001- UM #1- best cfb team in history UF #3 2002- UM #2- and robbed for a consecutive NC UF #23 2003- UM #5 UF #25 2004- UM #11 UF #25 2005- UF #12 UM #17 2006 UF #1 UM NR 2007 UF #13 UM NR 2008 UF #1 UM NR 2009 UF #3 UM #19 2010 UM NR UM NR Just a reminder, that if a #35 was given to a non-ranked season at the end, UF's average ranking for the 2000s- would be 14.1, and UM's would be 15.2- that is despite 2 NCs for UF and 4 non ranked seasons for Miami. Voters were gratuitous to UF those 2 years when they renked them #25,
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Silly gatr pukes Especially the one that said the gtrs owned the canes in the 2000s. LOL. Do you forget the beeootch slapping that Umput on Rexie Grossman? Or the comeback by Brock Berlin? Or the fact that the U won a NC, had a second one stolen, folowed by a top 5 BCS finish? Again, dumb a55 gtr fans think the world started in 2006. LOL.
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