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I'm going to haveexperience FCBD through you and others reporting on it. I as looking forward to it, but the weather decided that we were going to get disaster-level flooding instead. After a weekend of just dealing with the local problems, it's nice to see that not everyone's weekend got rained out.
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I am a conservative Christian and for me, that means only one option, set down in the Bible and commanded by Jesus: Do unto others as I would have you do unto me. Is homosexuality wrong? I think so. Of course, I've been wrong about things before (At least my beliefs now are different that they were 10 or 20 years ago), so I have to entertain the possibility I am wrong on this, too. If I am wrong, then my treatmeant of homosexuals should be no different that how I treat anyone- the way I'd want to be treated. Friendship, respect, dignity. If I am right, on the other hand, then I have to look at how I'd want someone to 'treat' me if I were wrong. I would want someone to at least discuss it with me since the consequenses could be eternal, so I think I should have some drive to share what I believe, if the audience is open to discussing it as well. But how would I want to be approached? I know I wouldn't listen to a maniac yelling at me and calling down condemnation on head. I know I wouldn't care what someone who shows contempt and hatred towards me says. I know I would want a discussion that treats my views with respect, not a lecture. What would convince me to take the time to think about such matters is a friend who has proven they care for me first of all. I would hope they would talk to me as a friend, listen to my point of view, and respect my choice to either act or not act on their advice. So that's how I have to treat others. Right or wrong, I have no situation where hatred, violence, disdain, or disrespect is going to be the answer to the question of how I'd like to be treated. Thus I have to accept that if I believe what the Bible has to say, I need to strive to avoid those attitudes and instead treat people with love and respect, regardless of their agreement or disagrent with me. Will I be perfect at it? Doubtful. But I hope that when I err, it will be on the side of kindness. Also, I want to thank everynoe for keeping the discsussion civil. This can be a hot-button topic, and I think it says something good about this community that we can disagree on some major topics yet still show respect.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on James Randi: "I'm gay." at WWdN: In Exile
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True, but there are still only 24 hours in a day. If the artists in question have to spend more of those hours working a non-art job to put food on the table, then they have to at least reduce the quantity or quality of the art they do produce.
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This really makes me angry. While I have next to zero artistic ability, I have many friends and family members who support themselves through creative art. Copyright laws are one of the few ways that such artists can secure their income on that productivity. Violating that for selfish gain is essentially attacking the very fianacial ability for this art to be created and made available to those it enlightens and entertains. When artists have to do other things to pay the bills, they produce less art. Period. Due to some restrictions, I cannot purchase the audiobook from work, but I'll be ordering when I get home.
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This post brought back childhood memories of yelling at my cousin Joyce that my Lando Calrissian Action Figure was not, as she called it, a "Billy Dee Williams doll."
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