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The 45mm Olympus f1.8 is a very fast focusing lens, even on the slower cameras (E-P1, E-PL1, E-P2, etc.) The slow ones, AFAIK are all early lenses: the 17mm f2.8 Olympus "pancake", the original 14-42mm Olympus zoom, with the rotating front element (Ctien has one), and the 20mm Panasonic f1.7. These are faster on later model cameras, but still slow in comparison to the rest of the lenses that are available, but they be come quite usable on the faster cameras. I kept my 20mm Pansonic, and now use it in AF mode on an e-p5 or e-m5. I used to use it in "semi-zone" mode on E-P1, E-Pl1 and E-P2 cameras (de-couple AF from the shutter button, pre-focus with AF lock button, shoot away.) I've thought about moving to the 17mm f1.8 Olympus, but actually like the 40mm e-FOV for all around use (compared to the 35mm e-FOV), even though I have always thought of myself as a 35 guy. (Latest adventure is the 27mm f2.8 Fujinon XF on an X-A1, also 40mm-e.) The mixed and often lackluster reviews of the 17mm f1.8 Oly have not been encouraging, either. I'll be interested in how your crowd source review of the 17mm turns out!
OM-D EM-5 is current favorite. It does so many things well, and is "sufficient" for the foreseeable future. This is followed closely by the EPM-2. With the VF-4 finder and the Panasonic 20mm, this is a digital Leica CL! Others I have loved: EP-2 (sold), EP-1 (still have), Samsung GX-1s (repackaged Pentax istDS2, still have) LX-3 & LX-5 (both sold, replaced by LF1, which is "loved").
I hope the tabulation will remove the film cameras, or at least tabulate them in a separate category. I second the motion to have a favorite film camera, favorite lens, favorite camera that you miss, etc. - but not all at once, please!
I think Steven Scharf meant 35mm f2.8 T* Sonnar on the Contax T3. I know I would not have loved or used mine half as much if it had been wearing a 28mm. I'm still looking for the digital equivalent of the T3. We're not there yet in terms of size, viewfinder and image quality!
Great stuff. After looking at a few of the Claridge pages, I was struck by how many of the photos (particularly the "street") shots lean a few degrees to the right. Full frame "contacts", viewfinder errors, the result of snap chest/hip shooting? It had me wondering all through the rest of the pages. Yes, there are a few that lean left, as well.
Contax T-3 Still looking for the digital equivalent of it! E-P1 with 20mm Panasonic and the LX-3 are close, but not quite. I have owned, used and liked many of the small cameras mentioned here. There are many good ones.
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You really ought to give the the DA 21mm f3.2 a fair chance to win the spot on your K-5. The lens speed should be more than adequate on the K-5, given the high ISO performance of that camera. The angle of view is so close to the 35mm "traditional" that you should be comfortable with it. I had fears that it would be "feel" more like a 28mm equivalent (which is to say, wide), but it does not, at least to me. A truly great lens, and it is readily available. If you really do want a 24mm, the (old) Sigma Super-Wide II (f2.8) is very nice, and available in the manual focus "A" version for reasonable money. I don't use mine much though, as I prefer the Pentax 21mm to it. There is an AF version as well, but quite rare. - Mike
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This is the classic, I think. I have a spelling checker It came with my PC It highlights for my review Mistakes I cannot sea. I ran this poem thru it I'm sure your pleased to no Its letter perfect in it's weigh My checker told me sew. Longer versions abound on the net, if you google "Owed to a spellchecker" One such reference is here:
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I have a spelling checker It came with my PC It highlights for my review Mistakes I cannot sea. I ran this poem thru it I'm sure your pleased to no Its letter perfect in it's weigh My checker told me sew. You can find newer, longer versions if you google "Owed to a Spellcheck", or similar. One reference is this, which I pulled when I could not locate the text that I thought I had saved years ago: - Mike
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Worth seeing is "In The Shadow Of The Moon." Not photography as such, moving history of the moon missions, told by those who went on them. Beautiful archival images. Teaser here: Rent it from Netflix, or Click through TOP's Amazon link to buy. Recommended!