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Oh hell to the yeah. I periodically think things will write themselves, though I sit down and write other things. I might've been one of those people writing stuff about paper and the letter e--still am--but I still would've thought your novel was cool.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2013 on Cheryl Strayed’s Backstory at Backstory
falcon9, this isn't just a tragedy, it's an assassination attempt, and it is therefore very useful to look both at violent rhetoric and actual violence to see if there are any patterns to help us prevent future terrorism. Here's a list of some recent political assassinations & attempted assassinations: • July 2008, Jim David Adkisson marches into a Unitarian Church in Tennessee, murders 2 and wounds 6. Adkisson himself leaves a manifesto stating that he wanted to "kill all the liberals" and wanted to after all the people listed in conservative Bernard Goldberg's book "101 People Who Are Screwing Up America." At his house, police officers find other books by Hannity and O'Reilly. Adkisson's manifesto:, in which he complains about "all the bad things liberals have done to this country." • March 2009. Richard Poplawski murders three cops. The day before, Poplawski had taken the trouble to upload a ten-minute video of Glenn Beck talking about the (imaginary) FEMA camps onto a website he frequented; a close friend of Poplawski's would later confirm he was upset because he falsely believed "Obama was going to take his guns away." • May 2009. Scott Roeder assassinates a doctor, Dr. George Tiller, who performed late-term abortions; a sizeable majority of those abortions were to save the life of the woman in question. Roeder had close ties to Operation Rescue, founded by Randall Terry, who has supported many Republican causes. It is unknown if Roeder's attack on Tiller was influenced by the 26 segments in four years that Bill O'Reilly did, referring each time to Tiller as a "baby killer." • 2010. Byron Williams is apprehended after a shootout by police on his way to attack and attempt to murder several members of the Tides Foundation. In an interview, Williams confirms that he was inspired to do so by Glenn Beck. • May 2009. James von Brunn attacks the Holocaust museum. von Brunn had concerns about Obama's birth certificate and planned to assassinate White House advisor David Axelrod. You'll notice something about these killings: all of them are clearly from right-wing radicals. There's no case in the past 20 years of a liberal going into a conservative church and opening fire, no liberal attempting to bomb the Heritage foundation because Rachel Maddow demonized them, no liberal murdering cops over Bush's civil liberties policies or whatever, no liberal killing pro-life activists. (And I haven't even mentioned the murders of Dr. David Gunn, Dr. Bernard Slepian, and the others murdered in a now 18-year wave of anti-choice violence, or Eric Rudolph of 2000, who blew up gay nightclubs & a women's health clinic.) Couple that with the rhetoric you get from *prominent, powerful* right-wingers--Ann Coulter, 2002: "The only thing Tim McVeigh did wrong was not going to the New York Times building," Bill O'Reilly (again!), 2005, "If Al-Qaeda attacks the Coit Tower [in San Francisco]< we shouldn't rebuild it," radio talk-show host and Presidential stepson Michael Reagan, "Howard Dean should be hung from the neck until he's dead," Glenn Beck putting a sketch, on air, in which he poisons Nancy Pelosi, Glenn Beck, stating on air he'd like to have Michael Moore assassinated. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure you can find a few obscure lefties who have occasionally said stupid or violent things (and I could certainly find my share of right-wing loons on freerepublic)--that's why I put the words PROMINENT and POWERFUL in stars. Because that's what we're talking about. Prominent, powerful, highly visible people on the right making violent statements and being rewarded for it, and right-wing killings. If you've got a response, you should probably start with two things: Clearly identified, indisputable left-wing murders of Republicans in the past 10 years (hint: there aren't any), and a simple question: What's the difference between poisoning Nancy Pelosi and shooting Gabrielle Giffords?
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If it's any consolation, they still haven't made the "On the Road" movie, and I think you still look young enough to play Cassidy.
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I can't imagine anything cooler not involving sex than being seranded by Jonathan Coulton. My friend Janani wrote a song for me shortly before a left for L.A. & she and her singing partner did it at NoShame (Iowa City's premiere instant late-night live theatre event.)
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