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Josh Wicks It was a mistake on my part and I’ve got to learn my lesson. The fourth official made a call and the ref made the final decision. That was it. I’ve got no excuses for it. Tremendously, very, very disappointing. A quote from the Tacoma News Tribue
Whats up with Blue uniforms, couldn't they have colors closer to RSL? If it was close to my home teams colors I would by a jersey. Great game, all time best USA goal keepers going at it. The camera angle makes you see what great saves they were. Howard was a stud in goal. Glad he's on our USMNT.
If Seattle learns how finish a little better then I see them being the top team, but till then, Houston with a full squad is still the best team. A shout out to Sounders FC for streaming it live, its about time a MLS team did that. The crowd once again was great!! They chanted the hole game and made it fun to watch and listen too.