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I like discussing theology on my blog.
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Ive been watching the Troy game...the condom qb hasnt missed a receiver the entire game..
Our first respectable year of recruiting will be the next class...back in the day we won because we had many top ten recruiting classes..settle down ..after a few good recruiting classes we should be able to compete
When Golden recruited Rosier i never thought he was good enough to play for qb U...Richt had no choice..Godilox left us without an offense
the pass was thrown high and too was not a good pass
We will never compete with a top ten team with Rosier ...
it was not a face mask..the acc is a red neck old boys club...they cheat ...where are the miami refs
interference cheat
if Richt thought we could run the table then he would have groomed Perry to replace rosier earlier in the season.
you cant open it up when your qb has a 20 percent completion rate ...we need to be physical with this team in the second half..they dont play dade county type toughness.
we would be undefeated if we had a qb who was big dual qb..hit his receivers
their offense will eat the zone up..Alabama has more talent than we do and they ate that 34 for lunch
finally ...we should have started the game with man
we do not have a qb....depth at db and rbs ...
You saw Richt recruits at Georgia..he has always had a stud for a back...we are not there yet
Our qb cant hit the broad side of a barn door...we cannot win big games with him
I just wanted to see if we were close to being back...we got to load up...they have a better qb and more talent
We do not cover receivers like the jj days...
Canes are pouring it on 47 29
Rosier is a coached up by top ten teams
Rosier aint got it...
All clemson sweeps are started by a runner already running at full speed before the snap so d ends got to get in the back field
We got to load up....our d backs are average..we need studs ..we are not loaded yet
its over...Rosier doesnt have the talent to get us back
coverage sucks